Sunday, 10 June 2012


This is my 11 month old puppy :) She's a little rascal but we all love her!
She is always happy to see everyone but can get a bit wussy at times!!!!
Im contemplating doing a puppy blogpost every week so i can show you what we get up to with her and where we take her! Let me know if you would like more of these posts about Titchy.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Polo Event 2012

Jack Wills Polo Event 2012
On the 9th June (this saturday eee) Im going to a polo event, this happens every year and I go because I love watching Polo and to buy their clothing and accessories whilst their is an afterpart from 7.00pm I am very excited. I will post pictures on here and tell you about it on Sunday when I get back!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

YSL- Clutch

YSL Clutch Bag/Purse
I actually got this clutch free when I purchased my D&G numbered perfume, they were doing a little offer in Boots where that if you bought a perfume over 75ml you could pick from any free gift they had and I chose this because personally this was the best gift they had.
This clutch fits everything I would need for a night out in it and it is very cute and is black so it will go with anything I am very excited to take this out!

Wanting this Month

KOKO Soft Leather Rose Gold Ballet Pumps- £40.00 Topshop
Blue Peacock GHD Styler- £119.00 GHD
Michael Kors Bella Rose-Golden Glitz Watch- £199.00-£250.00
Bon Bon Shorts- £65.00 The Ragged Priest
Wingrave Plimsoles- £19.50 Jack Wills
Lanefox Dress- £49.00 Jack Wills


Topshop Studded Flat Shoes- £28.00
I bought these on Sunday and I haven't worn these yet! I'm saving them for when I go away on saturday so I can do an outfit of the day with them!
I have been wanting a pair of these for ages and it just seemed like the right time to buy some!

La Roue De La Fortune

D&G 10 La Roue De La Fortune 100ml
I Bought this on Sunday from Boots at £39.00.
This smells like Parma Violets which makes me boyfriend very happy.
This is my first numbered D&G perfume and I will definitely be wanting to buy some more of their numbered perfumes.
The bottle is so Cute and classical, at £39.00 for 100ml it is definitely worth the buy.

Mac Tint

Mac Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 40ml
This moisturiser gives the exact amount of coverage I wanted when I was on holiday, its also good because it has SPF 15 coverage in it, I have used about two thirds of this in about 3 months and this is going to be something I will repurchase in the future.

Save Me

OPI- Save Me
I got this nail polish about a month ago it's from the Nicki Minaj collection and I haven't stopped using it, it looks really good over any nail polish and even on its on, ive been wearing it alot over Meep Meep Meep, as you can see above.

Meep Meep Meep

OPI- Meep Meep Meep
I bought this nail polish around march time, it was £10.50 I have quite a few OPI polishes now so I knew it would be as amazing as the others, the colour is beautiful and looks amazing under glitter topcoats. I really couldn't recommend this anymore.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop- Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream 50ml
This face cream is for very dry skin, iseem to get dry skin every so often for no reason at all and it never seems to be in just the cold months or the warm so I apply this cream every morning and night all year round and it is the only face cream I have ever repurchased this is my third pot in 4 years and I wouldn't change unless there was one that could do any better.

Dior Lip Serum

DIOR ROUGE SERUM Luminous Color Lip Treatment SPF 20

This lipstick was a present at christmas and because I haven't been blogging in a while and now I have used the majority of this Lipstick I thought I could review it properly.

This lipstick is in the shade 640 Soft Pink Serum it is pigmented as you can see in the photo above, it is very moisturising and stays on the lips for a long time, I have used this religiously and will be repurchasing this product.



As you can see I bought two of the 'Famous' Popsticks by Maybelline.
I bought these about a week ago, as you can see I have been using Pink Lollipop continuously since i got it, both of these lipsticks a really moisturising and have a slight tint of colour which is what i like when im at work or University.
I never want to leave them at home! I actually take them everywhere in my handbag, I can see these as being a repurchase when I use them both up!


N°7- Gold Stay Perfect Glitter Top Coat 9ml
I have used this twice now! I prefer to wear it on its own but you do need to apply about 3-4 coats to get a good coverage.
I wore this on my real nails and when I wanted to change the polish it didnt want to come off, i had to take a nail file to my nails to get the glitter off.
Also at the moment you can get this in boots for less if you have a £5.00 N°7 voucher.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Soap + Glory

Mist you madly- A flirty floral fragrant body spray 250ml
Mist you madly smells AMAZING, I wore it at work and i had so many compliments, the scent seemed to last ages aswell which is another bonus.
It currently retails in Boots for £6.50

Hand Food- 125ml
I keep this hand cream in my bag because its my favourite, ive only had it a few weeks but it is already my fave! it smells of marshmallows!!! what could be better than that?!
It currently retails in Boots for £5.00

The Firminator- Body contouring gel 200ml
This gel is well worth the money I use this in conjunction with 'Sit Tight' but more on that one later.... this makes where ever you put it tingle and feel warm, i guess this shows it working, but it does take a while for these effects to wear off which is kind of annoying if you have somewhere to be so only use it if your not in a hurry.

Glow Job- 75ml
Glow Job is a moisturiser with a tan in one! whats not to love?! ive used this a few times and it give a erfect glow, although can look odd if you dont already have a tan on the rest of your body to match.
This currently retails at Boots for £9.00

Sit Tight- 200ml
Sit Tight is what I use in conjunction with 'The Firminator' they both kind of do the same thing, firm your skin and get rid of any 'lums and bumps' so to speak I have to say I dont use this enough for it to have made a difference on me, ill have to keep it up.
This currently retails at Boots for £14.50


Mac 'Let's Skate' Paintpot
Ive had this paintpot since February but never been brave enough to even test it out as I bought it out of couriosity, guess it never got the better of me till now.
The paintpot is very pigmented and very glittery, not somthing I would usually wear although maybe on a special occasion.

Mac 'Double Spin' Cremesheen
Ive had this Lipstick since February also and I have only just started to realise how nice it is to wear it under other brighter lipsticks if I don't want it too bright day to day.
Its a nice natural colour to wear on its own BONUS!