Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Soap + Glory

Mist you madly- A flirty floral fragrant body spray 250ml
Mist you madly smells AMAZING, I wore it at work and i had so many compliments, the scent seemed to last ages aswell which is another bonus.
It currently retails in Boots for £6.50

Hand Food- 125ml
I keep this hand cream in my bag because its my favourite, ive only had it a few weeks but it is already my fave! it smells of marshmallows!!! what could be better than that?!
It currently retails in Boots for £5.00

The Firminator- Body contouring gel 200ml
This gel is well worth the money I use this in conjunction with 'Sit Tight' but more on that one later.... this makes where ever you put it tingle and feel warm, i guess this shows it working, but it does take a while for these effects to wear off which is kind of annoying if you have somewhere to be so only use it if your not in a hurry.

Glow Job- 75ml
Glow Job is a moisturiser with a tan in one! whats not to love?! ive used this a few times and it give a erfect glow, although can look odd if you dont already have a tan on the rest of your body to match.
This currently retails at Boots for £9.00

Sit Tight- 200ml
Sit Tight is what I use in conjunction with 'The Firminator' they both kind of do the same thing, firm your skin and get rid of any 'lums and bumps' so to speak I have to say I dont use this enough for it to have made a difference on me, ill have to keep it up.
This currently retails at Boots for £14.50

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