Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What's in my bag?

 So everyone does this post and I thought
that seeing as I havent yet that I should do it.
My bag.

Michael Kors Grayson large bowling bag.
I love this bag I only got it a few weeks ago and it cost £255.00
This bag is so spacious and has so many compartments on the inside.
The only thing is I like to have a long shoulder strap on my bags and this does not.

Inside my Bag (all.)

Close ups.

Blackberry Bold 9900
Tinkerbell Pen £4.00

D&G Sunglasses £200.00
Accessorize Blush £5.00
Fashionista Eyebrow palette £7.00

This ends up being just chucked in my bag but their was
also some old receipts and just general rubbish that
gathers in the bottom of my bag!

What do you have in your bag? 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Christmas Giveaway with a Twist!

So your all going to be thinking its the end of August why are you talking about Christmas, well here's why... I am going to be holding a special giveaway for Christmas this year it will consist of me buying different Make-up, Beauty and Jewellery products until about the 9th of December, I have worked this out to be about 18 weeks so that means I will be giving away 18 different products! Although some of the prizes may be shown to you in the same week depending on when I buy them. I will make sure the products have a variety between them so your not just getting lipsticks or blushers etc. But I hope I will get some interest in this as their will be only one winner which means you will get all 18 prizes at the end. I will be starting this giveaway either this week (20th August) or the week commencing (3rd September.) I have already bought the two prizes for the first two weeks encase I do start it later as I am on holiday for 10 days from the 24th August. Because of the amount and how much the package will cost to post I will have to limit this giveaway to UK only. But not to worry as I will be holding a slightly smaller and lighter giveaway for International readers at a later date for Christmas. The closer it then gets to Christmas the christmasier the prizes will get!!! :)

I would love to know all your thoughts on this giveaway :)

Holiday Jewels

I am going on holiday on Friday morning (24th) so I bought
some new jewellery to take with me!
Here's what I bought.

Long feather earrings Primark £3.00
Jewelled Statement Necklace Primark £6.00
Starfish Ring H&M £1.99 (Oldish)
Jewelled Ring Primark £2.00
Black Crystallised Ring New Look £3.99 (in store)

I really love all of these pieces of jewellery and I will wear all of
them at different time! :)
I love wearing statement jewellery and some of this is defiantly that.

Tattoo Fake It

So the other day when I was looking around Boots I found some
Fake temporary Tattoos and I know your probably thinking TACKY!
but honestly their not! They look great.
They come in a packet and mine had three sheets of tattoos,
they are £7.99 for a pack and they come in 3 different ones,
Dreamer, Love and Words.
I picked up The dreamer pack.
You can get them in your local Boots stores or here.

I used the 'Imagine' tattoo on my wrist here and I love it
I have used more since and they are amazing!
I would love to try out the other sets now too!
Why don't you try them?
Have you tried them? what did you think?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mallzee- A new way to shop online

So today I was contacted to see if I could go and check out a new and upcoming website, this website is called Mallzee, its all about creating a new experience for shopping online. Users create their own personalized shopping
mall (Mallzee) by picking their favourite brands and stores their are over 200 brands to choose from such as Urban Outfitters and New Look. Our fancy software then finds products matching your personal style and
showcases them in your own Mallzee!

To add a new social aspect users can then invite their friends to ‘visit’ their Mallzee through the use of Facebook chat. Friends can then discuss product choices and star items they think their friends will like, if your still unable to decided on a purchase you can also create polls to ask your friends opinions before you buy. An added bonus to inviting friends to your mallzee is that as the ‘owner’ you earn money every time anyone buys from your Mallzee!

You can register now for a launch invite at and if they spread the word on Facebook or Twitter we will also enter them into a prize for £100/$155 of shopping vouchers and some other goodies. 

Mallzee will be launching later this year and is all about making shopping online social, fun, cheaper and a whole lot better!

Personally I think this will be a great way to shop online
I cannot wait for this website to launch so I can have
a look around it, I love shopping online and this will help
me and others out alot. The whole concept of being able to show your friends what you like and them being able to vote and tell you seems like a really good idea to me!
Mallzee is all about making shopping online a social way to shop, I like this idea alot and I am pleased a website like this is being launched, their will also be over 200 brands which is obviously a bonus because it means it will more than likely bring all your favourite brands into one website for you!
I love the concept of this! I just cannot wait!

Go to the website and sign up now! :)

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Curls

This little bottle of cream usually lasts me about six months
as I only use it when im in a rush,
but when I am in a rush it is a godsend!
This is the fifth time I have repurchased this cream!
so it really shows how much I rely on this.

I bought this from boots for £5.10 here.
This cream leaves my hair in little curls, its best
used when youve got wet hair so when you have just
got out of the shower. It makes my hair look like
it has a natural wave to it without just looking like
I haven't done anything to it.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge- ANYTHING

Again I am taking part in Makeup Savvy's 15 day nail
challenge todays nails is Day 15 ANYTHING.
This is the last day of the nail challenge so I thought I would
use something new and something I haven't seen someone
use, so last week I got The Velvet Manicure* from OriginalSugar.

Firstly I got my Rimmel top coat and the Velvet Manicure.

I firstly put the rimmel top coat on my nails then carefully
placed them in the bag with the velvet in, I then dabbed it on.
When I pulled my finger out of the bag I brushed any excess
back into the bag and blew my nail.
I repeated this on all my nails and this is the finished look.

As you can see they look fluffy!
But they do feel like velvet! Its quick and easy to do aswell!

Hope you like these!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge- NEON

Again I am taking part in Makeup Savvy's 15 day nail
challenge todays nails is Day 7 NEON.

Firstly I picked my nail paints-
Missguided Misstaken.
Rimmel Pop your Pink.
Rimmel Sunshine.
OPI Nicki Minaj Did It On 'Em.
I also used one of my Bright Pink 3D Bows.

I then Painted my nails and put a bow on.
This is how my NEON nails turned out.

Why don't you take part in the challenge?!

Monday, 6 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge- GLITTER

Again I am taking part in Makeup Savvy's 15 day nail
challenge todays nails is Day 6 GLITTER.

I Picked BarryM Nude.
+ my new nail paint which is,
Nicole for OPI in Rainbow in the S-Kylie (Kim Kardashian.)

I used BarryM Nude as a base coat.
I then put OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie on.
It took about 3-4 coats to get this finish.
I really like this glitter, it has lots of different colours
and shapes in it and they are all different sizes.

Why don't you join in with the challenge?!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge- NUDE

Again I am taking part in Makeup Savvy's 15 day nail
challenge todays nails is Day 5 NUDE.

So first I picked BarryM NUDE.
Rimmel Nail Rescue Top Coat.
Andrea Fulerton Gold Studs.

Even though today's theme is 'NUDE' I thought I would
add something a little extra to my nails to make
them more interesting.

Here are my finished nails.

As you can see I painted all my nails with my
NUDE colour and then added the gold
studs to just one of my nails.

Why don't you join in with the challenge?!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge- GALAXY

Again I am taking part in Makeup Savvy's 15 day nail
challenge todays nails is Day 4 GALAXY.

First of all I decided on some colours and because
of the GALAXY theme I chose these-

17 Fast Finish Nightshade (base coat.)
Topshop Nails Mermaid.
Jack Wills Cerise.
Rimmel Green with Envy.
Rimmel Azure.
Natural Collection Tip Whitener.
Bourjois Gel Rainbow Apparition.

I then applied my black base coat.

I then used a sponge (bath) which I ripped part of
into 6 pieces one for each colour.

I poured some of the nail paint out and put my
sponge into the paint and started to
sponge it onto each nail.

I applied the colours in this order-
Topshop Nails Mermaid.
Rimmel Azure.
Natural Collection Tip Whitener.
Jack Wills Cerise.
Rimmel Green with Envy.
Bourjois Gel Rainbow Apparition.

This is how my nails turned out! :)
Of course you can use any purple, blue and
green colours! Then finish with a Sparkle!

Why don't you take part in the challenge?!

Friday, 3 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge- CHIC

Again I am taking part in Makeup Savvy's 15 day nail challenge todays nails is Day 3 CHIC.

So when I was coming up with a design of what
to do for CHIC, I literally could not think of
anything to do, I aimlessly got lots of nail polishes and
sat down and just painted and here is what I did.

Firstly I picked what nail polishes I would use,
I chose three colours.

I chose-
BarryM Peach Melba
Technic (couldn't find the name)
BarryM Mint Green

After aimlessly painting for an hour this is what I came
up with for todays nails CHIC.

(excuse the mess)

So after an hour I came up with these kind of a
braided effect if you like :)

As I say it took me ages to even pick the colours
I have about 100 nail paints now!
If you would like a blog post on them all let me know!

Why don't you take part in the challenge?!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge- PATTERN

So again I am taking part in Makeup Savvy's
15 Day Nail Challenge
Todays nails is day 2 so PATTERN!
I was really excited about this challenge
because I love painting new designs onto
my nails and trying new things out!

Here is how I did my nails!

First I decided I wanted all of my nails a
different colour so I picked:
Natural Collection White
Revlon Blue Sparkle
MUA I Want U
OPI Pink Friday
BarryM Lemon Ice Cream

This is what order I painted them in!

I then picked what nail art colours I would use
and I picked Blue, Red, Yellow and
white as you can see.

I then chose what pattern I would do and
this is how they turned out.
I had ideas from a while ago from WAH Nails! :)

Why don't you take part in the nail challenge?

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

This will easily be my new go to inbetween shampoo
and conditioner if it works!
I am really excited about this product I started using it yesterday
and I will be using it everyday until I run out and if I can see any
different I will be repurchasing!

It is of course Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Have you tried this?
Did it work?
Any other products that do the same?