Thursday, 2 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge- PATTERN

So again I am taking part in Makeup Savvy's
15 Day Nail Challenge
Todays nails is day 2 so PATTERN!
I was really excited about this challenge
because I love painting new designs onto
my nails and trying new things out!

Here is how I did my nails!

First I decided I wanted all of my nails a
different colour so I picked:
Natural Collection White
Revlon Blue Sparkle
MUA I Want U
OPI Pink Friday
BarryM Lemon Ice Cream

This is what order I painted them in!

I then picked what nail art colours I would use
and I picked Blue, Red, Yellow and
white as you can see.

I then chose what pattern I would do and
this is how they turned out.
I had ideas from a while ago from WAH Nails! :)

Why don't you take part in the nail challenge?


  1. Awh this is SO cute, I love it! Your nails look great :)x

  2. I love all of those patterns - I haven't tried any of the nail art pens/ thin brush polishes but everyone has such great results that I'm tempted to try too!