Monday, 20 August 2012

Christmas Giveaway with a Twist!

So your all going to be thinking its the end of August why are you talking about Christmas, well here's why... I am going to be holding a special giveaway for Christmas this year it will consist of me buying different Make-up, Beauty and Jewellery products until about the 9th of December, I have worked this out to be about 18 weeks so that means I will be giving away 18 different products! Although some of the prizes may be shown to you in the same week depending on when I buy them. I will make sure the products have a variety between them so your not just getting lipsticks or blushers etc. But I hope I will get some interest in this as their will be only one winner which means you will get all 18 prizes at the end. I will be starting this giveaway either this week (20th August) or the week commencing (3rd September.) I have already bought the two prizes for the first two weeks encase I do start it later as I am on holiday for 10 days from the 24th August. Because of the amount and how much the package will cost to post I will have to limit this giveaway to UK only. But not to worry as I will be holding a slightly smaller and lighter giveaway for International readers at a later date for Christmas. The closer it then gets to Christmas the christmasier the prizes will get!!! :)

I would love to know all your thoughts on this giveaway :)

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