Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Port Lympne

The Treasure I bought.


Me, my family and boyfriend
went to Port Lympne 2 weeks ago when my 3 year old niece
came to stay with us for the weekend.
We all really enjoyed the day out my sister the most because
she wanted to see the Gorilla that is most human like called AmBam who
is pictured aboved stood inbetween some bushes.
Me and Ella (niece) really liked the rhinos.
At the end we went to see the tigers which my niece also loves
more because she can make a tiger sound! ha
but we got right up to the glass and the tiger came up right to the glass
aswell which was pretty amazing, it even batted his paw up against the glass!

In the end i bought an Elephant keyring and a pen saying 'Port Lympne.'
We had an amazing day!

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