Friday, 7 September 2012

Competition- My Passion for Fashion

 So the people from Money Supermarket emailed me with their new competition which is
 challenging bloggers to create 5 outfits for this year's autumn/winter season, for the categories; party, outdoor, office, first date and casual wear.
There will be one winner for each category who will receive £200 to buy the outfit they have chosen. There will also be an overall winner who will win £1000 to buy all 5 outfits plus a shiny new ipad 3!
 If you'd like to enter, please find more details on our competition page:
If you decide to enter, please email no later than the 24th September with a link to your blog post and they will inform you within 72 hours to let you know that they have received your entry.

Total= £133.50
I chose this as my party outfit I love the gold
sequined dress, the bag is great for the price,
I always wear ballet pumps on a night out because I'm 5'10
and my boyfriend is only 5'11 and I'd hate to tower over him.
Plus flats are easier to walk in and never hurt!
The Nail varnish is just to finish the outfit off.

Total= £147.49 
For the outdoors I had to think hard about something that
would look good but would still keep me warm, when its
cold so first I thought of jeggings I love the price and I love jeggings they are so comfy. The jumper is a lovely colour and is one I would wear all the time. The coat is one I have wanted for ages but never taken the courage to buy it, but with this outfit I would. The nail varnish is from one of my favourite brands so it was a given. The bag was to add some colour to the outfit and this bag reminds me
of big crunchy red leaves!!!!! The shoes are to  add some character aren't they cute!!!

Total= £195.47

This would be my ideal office outfit, the jeans cami and cardigan are just right for an office environment and then the shoes and bag add a bit of colour to the outfit so its not just all one, the shoes and bracelet are cute and I really love the studs on the shoes they bring edge to this outfit.

First Date
Total= £196.97

I picked the same shoes in this one just in black because I thought they were really cute and edgy, the bracelet adds character to this outfit because I would only want to wear one bracelet and a watch because I love showing my arms off. The dip hem skirt is a perfect colour for romance and love and then the tshirt would work because it has short sleeves for
when the evenings get colder. The handbag would
be the perfect size because I always want to take
alot with me when I go out.

Casual Wear
Total= 143.48

At first I couldn't decide what this outfit category was
supposed to be, but for me it would be casual I hate
wearing tights until its absolutely necessary, so I teamed a fluorescent green dress and a fluorescent orange cardigan together, for me these colours wouldn't usually work but with this it really would! I love it! Then I picked a plain white ostrich effect handbag and a beaded bracelet cuff, but the shoes are my favourite part of this outfit they are clear jelly shoes (So you can still see your nail polish!) with little crystals on them! The nail varnish is silver glitter that just finishes the outfit off!

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