Thursday, 25 October 2012


Two weekends ago I went to Biscester Designer Outlet Village to do a bit of
early Christmas shopping, but instead of actually get some presents for other people
I ended up spending most of what I took on me!

So as you can see I got this Mulberry Bracelet, I fell in love with this and another
bracelet but I thought id get more wear out of this one, so this is the one
I got, I might get another when I go back in a few weeks time or at the end
of November when I go back for a third time.
I'm hoping to get another bag from my boyfriend when we go back in November
and when we go back at the end of this month I'm going to have
a look at the scarfs and the bracelets again.
This is a black leather cuff bracelet with gold detailing along the front and a
gold buckle to fasten it with Mulberry written on the side.
Whats you favourite Mulberry pieces?
What would you get from Mulberry?

Cinderella Shoes

So about 7 months ago I first saw the J. Maskrey Melissa Shoes, Ultragirl
Diamante Clear Pump, and obviously because I love anything like the Vivienne
Westwood shoes I needed a pair like them!

So I as looking round some websites because I still cannot justify spending £200.00
on a pair of jelly shoes, that's when I came across these clear jelly shoes and
even though their are some differences between the two shoes, these were really
good for £25.00 I got them from AB10 their from a brand called City Shoes.
I haven't worn them yet but because I already have the Vivienne Westwood orb shoes I
knew that I would need some plasters to go ith them as they really do rub!!
Do you liked jelly shoes?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Graze Week 6

So today I got my 6th graze Box, and it has pears on the back! I was really not impressed with this box seeing as I received two pots that I had specifically 'Binned' so that I never received them, I didn't want to receive them if I knew I wasn't going to like them and would have to just throw them away.

So the two I had binned and said I never wanted was Tutti Frutti and Marvellous Macaroon, I got this in my first Graze Box and because I didn't like everything in it I decided that id never want it again, and as for the Tutti Frutti I binned this before I was even sent my first box as I knew I wouldn't like it because it contained pineapple, cherry infused sultanas and green raisins.

I am really not happy about this as I have had to waste half of my box.

Although The Firecracker and After Dinner Mint were really nice.
The Firecracker was my favourite out of the two because it had spicy paprika peanuts, salsa corn sticks and Korean chilli rice crackers, I like all of these so I knew I would love this pot and I did!

After Dinner Mint was really nice I wasn't too sure about this pot but when I tried it I was pleasantly surprised, it has mint infused sultanas, blanched almonds and dark chocolate buttons, the only thing I wouldn't rave about in the mint infused sultanas but all in all this was a nice pot.

I wasn't too pleased with this box I hope my next one is good!

Have you tried Graze?

If not you can get your first Graze Box here for FREE using this code RM5HH9Z

Graze Week 5

So it was that time of the week again! It was Wednesday and I got my Graze Box through my door, as soon as I opened it I saw that it had blueberries on it this week! This makes me really happy and I have no idea why, I guess its because it changes each week.

With this box I was really happy! I knew that I was going to LOVE three of the pots that was in this box but I also knew I was going to hate one too!
The three I loved were Copacabana, Chana Masala and My Thai so obviously the one I didn't even open or try was Tropical Sundae.

Copacabana was really yummy I really like nuts and chocolate so I knew straight away that I would love it!

Chana Masala has got baked curry bites, spicy chick peas and masala cashews, I knew that I would love this even though I had never tried it before and when I did open it and try the three different parts I  genuinely did love it.

My Thai was another one I knew I would love but had never tried it, it had sweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites, I tried the soy bites on their own first and I have to say I wasn't too keen at first but when I tried them with the sweet chilli sauce I loved them, the sauce really did make a difference.

Tropical Sundae as I said I didn't even open it this is because it had pineapple, mango and banana coins in it and I really don't like dried pineapple or mango so I didn't even want to open it. This has now been 'binned' on my Graze list.

 Have you tried Graze?

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Jack Wills

So me, my boyfriend and family went to Bicester Village last weekend,
one of the outlets we went into was Jack Wills, me and my boyfriend
bought quite a few things but most of it was for him these are the two things
I got for me.
Jack Wills Keyring was: £8.00 now: £2.00
Jack Wills Condom was £3.00 now: £1.00
So the keyring was for my car keys (you can never have enough key rings.)
The condom was rather more of a joke, as I still cant believe they produced and sold them!
The outlet village at Biscester was really good,
I really recommend it to everyone!


So for this weeks giveaway 22-28 October, I decided I would repurchase
one of my favourite Autumn/Winter lipsticks Saint Germain.
I picked this up from my local Mac counter, but you can get it here.
This lipstick was £14.00 and was bought with my own money for this giveaway.
Yours will be unopened and in the box, this is mine :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Juicy Couture GIVEAWAY

So whilst I was out shopping at the weekend I was thinking of something else I could include in my Christmas Giveaway, I saw The Juicy Couture shop and went to have a look, I then came out with two bracelets this one and another one that I bought for myself. This Bracelet cost me £60.00 so this will be the only prize of its price! I really hope people appreciate this prize as I have bought this with my own money.

Style Crush- Leighton Meester

Okay so its obvious! I love Leighton Meester!
But im sorry who doesnt?! Shes gorgeous, Stylish and just generally a Style Crush.
In the photo above shes at the launch of Vera Wangs Lovestruck.

Leighton Meester can look really natural or really made up on or off set and I really like her whatever she looks like, everything she wears just looks so effortless which is something I really like about her dress sense.
When shes on set she wears some very glamorous and bold clothing, I really like this about her onscreen character, but even when shes offset and is wearing her own clothes she just looks so glamorous, even in jeans!

She is definitely a Style Crush of mine! Is she yours?

Who's your Style Crush?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Graze Week 4

So I got my week 4 box last Wednesday! I was super excited as always! It feels like my little treat for when I get home from uni. This week has Raspberries on the back.

So this was an amazing box! Really a favourite!
First I got Crunchini Basilico and it really was yummy! They are basically just long croutons and you get a oil type dip.
The Herb Garden was next and it really was yummy! It had two types of rice crackers which were really nice and then peanuts coated in something really delicious.
My next box was Jaffa Cake this was the only box I didn't eat all of I am not too keen on hazelnuts or sultanas so I only ate the chocolate out of this one.
Lastly was Banoffee Pie which I have to say I was pleasantly
surprised about, I really liked everything, I didn't get round to eating all the banana though!

So all in all it was a good box!
My next box is free and I get it tomorrow!!!!

Have you tried Graze?

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Graze Week 3

So this is my Week 3 of Graze boxes and I LOVE them!
This week has raspberries on the front!
I was kind of in between likes on this box though which is annoying.

I really liked the Korean Chilli Rice Crackers they were really hot but had an amazing taste.
The Tropical Daiquiri I really didn't like but that's the fun with Graze boxes you can try everything and then if you don't like something they wont send you it again!
With the Toffee Apple one I like the toffee but not the apple unfortunately!
The Bounty Hunter was lovely! I really love coconut and chocolate so it was a win!

As I say you can try everything once and then you can rate your boxes so if you really liked something you can say 'Love' or 'Like' and if you didn't you can 'Bin' it.

Have you tried Graze?

If not you can get your first Graze Box here for FREE using this code RM5HH9Z

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Vintage Style Me

I recently placed an order at Vintage Style Me you can take a look at their website here.
When I received the package I was pleasantly surprised it was in a purple bag and was secured with purple ribbon it was really pretty.

Here is the Bow I bought the Medium Glitter Bow in Old Gold, you can find it here.
The bow was £7.99.
When I received this package this card was with it that gives you 15% off when you use the code FRESHERS.

As you can see the Bow is gorgeous and is really outstanding,
When I use the bow in my hair I clip the slide that is on the back of the bow to my hair bobble, when I have worn this I have had my hair in a messy bun, I have only worn this bow behind my bun because im not as 'out their' to wear it at the front but even being worn at the back I had lots of compliments.

New Candle Fitzherbert + Prince

I bought this candle about a week ago when I was shopping near where I live, this candle is from FitzHerbert & Prince and is in the scent Orange Blossom.

I ended up buying this candle from my local TKMaxx, I really liked the look of this candle and it only cost me £4.99 instead of the RRP of £14.99.

I couldnt find this exact candle on the internet to buy.
So I found this one that is alike on Amazon here.

Graze Week 2


So this is my Second Graze box! I am still loving my graze boxes! I get my fourth tomorrow!
As you can see from my first graze post the picture on the inside of the box changes each time you get one!

In my second box I received Cheddar Gorge which I loved a lot!
Honeycomb Flapjack which I wasn't too sure about but I really did! I want it again!
Beach Bum which I'm still not too sure about and
Heart Healthy Nuts which again I wasn't sure about but when I tried them I loved them!
All in all it was a good box for me!

As you can see I was a naughty blogger and ate two of the boxes before I remembered I needed to photograph it! Sorry.

Have you tried Graze?

If not you can get your first Graze Box here for FREE using this code RM5HH9Z

Giveaway! Gingerbread Shower


So this is my giveaway prize for this week! Beauticology Gingerbread Shower Creme £4.00
The one you will receive will be unopened.
I bought this from Boots on their Christmas 3 for 2 offer!
I bought myself one of these! and my boyfriend got a tool thing for himself.

I will be doing a review on my one of these as you can see from the photo above I have used some of mine.

If you want to buy this for yourself you can get it online and from Boots stores for £4.00.
But remember they are on a 3 for 2 take advantage!