Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Graze Week 3

So this is my Week 3 of Graze boxes and I LOVE them!
This week has raspberries on the front!
I was kind of in between likes on this box though which is annoying.

I really liked the Korean Chilli Rice Crackers they were really hot but had an amazing taste.
The Tropical Daiquiri I really didn't like but that's the fun with Graze boxes you can try everything and then if you don't like something they wont send you it again!
With the Toffee Apple one I like the toffee but not the apple unfortunately!
The Bounty Hunter was lovely! I really love coconut and chocolate so it was a win!

As I say you can try everything once and then you can rate your boxes so if you really liked something you can say 'Love' or 'Like' and if you didn't you can 'Bin' it.

Have you tried Graze?

If not you can get your first Graze Box here for FREE using this code RM5HH9Z

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