Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Graze Week 4

So I got my week 4 box last Wednesday! I was super excited as always! It feels like my little treat for when I get home from uni. This week has Raspberries on the back.

So this was an amazing box! Really a favourite!
First I got Crunchini Basilico and it really was yummy! They are basically just long croutons and you get a oil type dip.
The Herb Garden was next and it really was yummy! It had two types of rice crackers which were really nice and then peanuts coated in something really delicious.
My next box was Jaffa Cake this was the only box I didn't eat all of I am not too keen on hazelnuts or sultanas so I only ate the chocolate out of this one.
Lastly was Banoffee Pie which I have to say I was pleasantly
surprised about, I really liked everything, I didn't get round to eating all the banana though!

So all in all it was a good box!
My next box is free and I get it tomorrow!!!!

Have you tried Graze?

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