Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Graze Week 5

So it was that time of the week again! It was Wednesday and I got my Graze Box through my door, as soon as I opened it I saw that it had blueberries on it this week! This makes me really happy and I have no idea why, I guess its because it changes each week.

With this box I was really happy! I knew that I was going to LOVE three of the pots that was in this box but I also knew I was going to hate one too!
The three I loved were Copacabana, Chana Masala and My Thai so obviously the one I didn't even open or try was Tropical Sundae.

Copacabana was really yummy I really like nuts and chocolate so I knew straight away that I would love it!

Chana Masala has got baked curry bites, spicy chick peas and masala cashews, I knew that I would love this even though I had never tried it before and when I did open it and try the three different parts I  genuinely did love it.

My Thai was another one I knew I would love but had never tried it, it had sweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites, I tried the soy bites on their own first and I have to say I wasn't too keen at first but when I tried them with the sweet chilli sauce I loved them, the sauce really did make a difference.

Tropical Sundae as I said I didn't even open it this is because it had pineapple, mango and banana coins in it and I really don't like dried pineapple or mango so I didn't even want to open it. This has now been 'binned' on my Graze list.

 Have you tried Graze?

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