Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Graze Week 6

So today I got my 6th graze Box, and it has pears on the back! I was really not impressed with this box seeing as I received two pots that I had specifically 'Binned' so that I never received them, I didn't want to receive them if I knew I wasn't going to like them and would have to just throw them away.

So the two I had binned and said I never wanted was Tutti Frutti and Marvellous Macaroon, I got this in my first Graze Box and because I didn't like everything in it I decided that id never want it again, and as for the Tutti Frutti I binned this before I was even sent my first box as I knew I wouldn't like it because it contained pineapple, cherry infused sultanas and green raisins.

I am really not happy about this as I have had to waste half of my box.

Although The Firecracker and After Dinner Mint were really nice.
The Firecracker was my favourite out of the two because it had spicy paprika peanuts, salsa corn sticks and Korean chilli rice crackers, I like all of these so I knew I would love this pot and I did!

After Dinner Mint was really nice I wasn't too sure about this pot but when I tried it I was pleasantly surprised, it has mint infused sultanas, blanched almonds and dark chocolate buttons, the only thing I wouldn't rave about in the mint infused sultanas but all in all this was a nice pot.

I wasn't too pleased with this box I hope my next one is good!

Have you tried Graze?

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