Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Style Crush- Leighton Meester

Okay so its obvious! I love Leighton Meester!
But im sorry who doesnt?! Shes gorgeous, Stylish and just generally a Style Crush.
In the photo above shes at the launch of Vera Wangs Lovestruck.

Leighton Meester can look really natural or really made up on or off set and I really like her whatever she looks like, everything she wears just looks so effortless which is something I really like about her dress sense.
When shes on set she wears some very glamorous and bold clothing, I really like this about her onscreen character, but even when shes offset and is wearing her own clothes she just looks so glamorous, even in jeans!

She is definitely a Style Crush of mine! Is she yours?

Who's your Style Crush?


  1. I love Leightons style, as you said it is effortless.

    My style crush would have to be Emma Watson.


  2. I absolutely love Leighton Meester, also her alter-ego Blair Waldorf! I did a post recently on her style as I love it so much!

    Great post - currently having style envy!

    Kassie xo