Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mac from Bicester CCO

About a month ago now me and my Boyfriend went shopping in Bicester, we went to the Cosmetics Company Outlet because they sell all the old collections from Mac, I picked up three things, well four but one was a lipstick that is for my giveaway.

The first thing I bought was this Mac Snow globe eye palette, it contains six different eyeshadow colours and a small mac eyeshadow brush.
I picked this up because of the eyeshadow colours and the really lovely snow globe type of bubble on top of the palette.

So these are the six colours, on the left hand side of the palette their is a white shimmer, then a purple shimmer and a matte black shimmer, on the right hand side of the palette their is a light matte purple then a matte navy blue and a matte black with some shimmer to it. This palette comes with a small eyeshadow brush and a mirror I think this was £21.50.

The second thing I picked up was this Mac Dazzleglass lip gloss, from last years Christmas collection, I got this lip gloss in the colour Glitter and Ice.
This lip gloss is very sticky, but that is the only thing I can say that is bad about it, I love the colour and the glitter in this, the lip gloss has some staying power, I think this is because of how sticky it is though, but it stayed on my lips for
a good four hours whilst shopping, I think this was £11.50.

Lastly I picked up this lipstick in the shade MLLE, I love this lipstick, even though I prefer to add just a subtle amount of lipstick to my lips the colour that came out was gorgeous! This lipstick is a gorgeous light pink and looks really pretty teamed together with the glitter and ice
dazzleglass above, this was £10.50.

I'm going to Bicester again soon! I'm hoping to find some
more MAC goodies to add to my collection!

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