Sunday, 31 March 2013

MeMeMe Blush

This is my new MeMeMe blusher, I've not bought a new blusher in so long and I really liked the look of this one and is a really pretty colour this is in the shade rouge.

As you can see it is a lovely shade and I am very pleased I picked this up, it's the same style as Benefits blusters the cardboard box packaging is so cute but I don't really like Benefit enough to spend the amount on one of their blushers (maybe ill try one soon) but these MeMeMe ones are really good ones to try if you don't want to splurge on Benefits ones.

I really do recommend these blushers I plan on getting some more! 


  1. Have you tried Estee Lauder's limited edition gelee blush?! Its definitely my new favourite blush! Love the blog, keep it up!!

    1. No I havent! I have seen it though its gorgeous! I have just ordered the dior rose diamond though :) x