Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April Favourites

I realise I'm a little early with my monthly favourites but I have so much going on right now with Uni so I thought I would do my April favourites a few days early!
These are all products I have been loving this month, some of them have been used everyday, I have truly loved all of these!

This lip tint has easily become my go to lipstick this month and will be for the fourth coming months, this lip tint is great to just quickly add to the lips and go, this lip tint reacts with your PH giving you your own pink lip colour. (Review to come.)

I cannot express how much I LOVE The Body Shops body mists, my two favourites is this one Mango this bottle is actually a repurchase because I used the whole bottle up in just under two months! My other favourite is the Pink Grapefruit! If you haven't tried their body mists you should definitely try one of these two first!

I only got this blush a week ago so its kind of a cheat but I really have been loving this blush, I have been using this everyday since I got it, it applies so easy and has a great finish especially with a highlight on the top!

This foundation will be in every months favourites, ever since this has come out I love it! I love the finish it has on my skin and it leaves my skin feeling soft and has the perfect dewy looking effect for me! The shade I always go for is Ivory and it really is perfect for me, no other foundation I have tried has beaten this one! Yet... we'll see.

Another repurchase this month is this lip roll on in the shade/flavour Orange, I love this and it comes in so many different flavours you can't not like one! This orange lip roll on is 100% natural and leaves my lips really soft after applying it, it even tastes good!

H&M Sparkle Cuff Bracelet £5.99 (couldn't find online)
This isn't a beauty favourite but this is something I have been wearing nearly every day this month especially with my leather biker jacket, this has been an essential accessory this month and for the price I am very happy as none of the gems have fallen off and the colours are gorgeous and really adds a pop of colour with any outfit!


  1. I LOVE this cream blush! The body shop mists are so lovely too :) lovely blog! xx

  2. ah I seriously love the look of that lip tint, the fact is looks glittery doesn't help matters ;) haha xx

    1. You can win my April favourites here :) xxx http://classicstylex.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/giveaway-win-my-april-monthly-favourites.html