Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mulberry Collection

Today's post is about one of my loves in life! Bags, I have some other branded bags but my baby's have to be my Mulberry bags, I have been lusting over these bags for over 6 years now! (back on bebo!) I finally bought my first Mulberry back in February 2010 when I came back from New York. This is what started my obsession and I decided I really wanted to show people what kind of bags you can get and how they look when they have been used!

To start when you buy a mulberry bag you know its going to be good quality, well you get what you pay for after all! When you buy anything from Mulberry you get a Care Card which  specifies how to look after the bag you have bought depending on the type of leather or material it is made from. It is then either put in a box or dust bag with the Mulberry Logo on and wrapped and put into a Mulberry bag for you.

When I bought my first bag I was also given a booklet that included everything for the current season, im sure they still do these if you ask for them.

To start off first in my collection is something I bought back in February 2010, I decided that I would like to buy a purse, I chose to buy the Black Leather Continental Purse at £230 I had to be sure so I went for a colour that would look good with anything and a colour that would look good in every season. You can still buy this purse however it has increased in price to £250 you can see it here.

The next Mulberry Product is something that I picked up in September last year, I had already got a purse and two handbags so I wanted something different this is when I went on the hunt for a Jewellery item from their range. I popped into the Stratford Mulberry store and I found the perfect bracelet! I love the Black leather and gold together, this bracelet looks good with everything and still looks new! I am really happy with this buy and I am already looking at their new jewellery items. This Bracelet retailed at £110, you cannot buy this bracelet anymore but their is another similar that retails at £125 here.

The second piece of Jewellery was bought for me by my boyfriend for our 2 year anniversary, last year in November, I really wanted this bracelet for ages I even saved it as a favourite on my Ipad, this is how Martin knew what I wanted at the time, he did really well in picking from the choice that Mulberry had to offer this is the bracelet he picked for me, it is the Heart Friendship Bracelet with Red Waxed Cord, it retails at £70 and you can still get it here with other styles available too.

The first purchase I ever made from Mulberry was way back in February 2010, I was walking around in the Mulberry shop and spotted this bag straight away, I wanted something with a long strap because I love to wear a bag on my shoulder or over my body, I picked this bag because of the colour and just the style of the bag, so after about half an hour making my mum look at all of the gorgeous bag Mulberry do I finally purchased the Sofia bag! I was so happy when I got this bag home and I still look at it the same way I did when I saw it for the first time and im so pleased I picked it! I bought this bag for £460 unfortunately Mulberry no longer sell this bag however I have found this Tan Sofia bag on Ebay here.

The second bag I bought from Mulberry was in December 2011 It was just after my birthday and we decided to go up to London to do some after Christmas shopping! On the way back to the station me, my mum and sister all went to have a look in the Covent Garden Mulberry Store on Floral Street, When I walked in I had a look at the Taylor bags and the Bayswaters but as I was looking for a Tan bag this time the bag that I noticed first was the Mitzy East West Hobo Bag this is because of the long strap again and it also has a shorter strap so it can be carried in the crook of your arm, after uming and areing for a while I decided to purchase the Mitzy Bag in Tan, they also had 30% off because of it being after Christmas so I only ended up paying £450 for the bag, Mulberry no longer sell this bag but I have found one exactly the same on Ebay here.

Back in November last year all of my family went shopping, this is when I fell in love with my third Mulberry bag! I had wanted a Bayswater for ages ever since I saw them when I bought my first bag but I never wanted to spend that amount on a bag however with a little push from my younger sister Megan I decided that a Bayswater would be a lovely new bag to add to my collection, I decided that I wanted another Black/Grey one this time and with Silver detail, I bought the Black and Nickel Grainy Print Bayswater for £895 you can still buy this bag here.

The last bag I bought was in January of this year, I bought this bag because Martin went into the Mulberry Store in Stratford to look for something new for himself, I was looking round while Martin was talking to one of the assistants and finding something for himself I had a look around the store, I was looking at the Bayswater in Oxblood but seeing as I had only just bought one I carried on looking and then I saw the Effie Satchel, I asked the assistant about this bag and she said it had 10% off, so I decided to buy the Effie Satchel in Snowball, this bag ended up costing around £450 which I was happy to pay so I took it to the till and the lovely assistant ran it through the till and wrapped and popped it into a bag for me. This bag is not available anymore but Mulberry sell another type of Effie Satchel which retails from £495-£595 you can see them here.

Lastly I thought I would show you what Martin bought from the Stratford Store whilst I was looking at the bags, he ended up buying a Mulberry wallet, he had been looking for a new wallet at his old one was worn, he had seen quite a few he liked and he decided to get a tan one he decided on the Mulberry Mini Tri Fold Wallet in Oak with Natural Leather for £175 you can still buy this wallet here.

This is everything in my Mulberry collection so far.

However if you want something from Mulberry that is in good condition and authentic you can either go and look at Fashion bloodhound or Vestiaire these are both online preowned designer selling pages where people who don't want their designer pieces anymore can sell them to others at a slightly discounted price sometimes by a lot! They both have Mulberry and some others so take a look!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Biker Chic NOTD

A few days ago I was sorting out my nail polish ready to be put onto my new storage! (blogpost to come!) I found one of my old nail polishes from Jack Wills, I had previously bought three of their nail polishes but I never used to take much notice of them, I decided that even though I would use this in the Autumn that it would look good with my Andrea Fulerton nail studs in gold that I bought a few months back.

You can see from the picture above as to what my nails turned out like, I really liked this design and now I have some silver studs I am going to try it with a more summery nail polish!