Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Save and Splurge #1

              SAVE                                  SPLURGE

This week ive been looking at the Mulberry Willow Tote in Pheasant Green, this is my favourite colour for this Autumn/Winter and this bag is just the one! However retailing at £1,500 and definitely being a Splurge in my opinion I decided that already having four of my own Mulberry bags was enough! So I started looking at a bags that were cheaper in price especially seeing as though I wanted to own one in my staple colour! I was looking on facebook at the time and the Save bag popped up, it is being sold by a lady I know who has her own shop called Ginger Lilys Beautique near to where I live and who also sells online via her website Ginger Lilys Beautique and facebook page its called the Envelope Shopper in teal! The Save bag retails at £24.99 a massive saving and a bag that looks amazing and very similar to the Mulberry Willow! You can find the Save bag on her facebook page here and on her website here, also if you live in the Kent area she has her own shop in Parkwood!

Envelope Shopper Teal-
Only £24.99
Comes in teal and pink
Is a good look-a-like
Looks like the real Mulberry!

Mulberry Willow Tote Pheasant Green-
Its £1,500
Comes in lots of colours and fabrics
A statement piece
Keeps its shape and looks better with wear!

I love the Save bag and its definitely one I would love to have in my Collection especially for the price!

Have you found any good Saves recently?

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  1. oh wow, it's so similar! And such a lovely colour x