Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Anniversary Present Mulberry + Swarovski

So about a month ago on the 13th November me and my boyfriend Martin had been together 3 years! this year he decided to go bigger and better which I have asked him to stop trying to outdo himself every year but it makes him happy and obviously receiving them makes me just as happy even if we are saving for a mortgage every month!
When the doorbell rung on the morning of our anniversary I thought nothing of it but when I opened the door I was greeted by a courier and a white box! It was addressed to Martin so I left it but when he got home he gave it to me! 
I opened the box and straight away saw the grey Mulberry bag! I was so excited and couldn't wait to open it straight away to see what he has bought me!

I love the way Mulberry present their products they really do take pride in their brand! It came beautifully wrapped and I carefully made sure not to rip the tissue paper as I keep all the boxes exactly how they are sent to ensure that the product is kept safe and away from anything that could possibly damage it!

The two boxes that I received on the night of our anniversary! We took the Swarovski necklace he bought me the year before to be replaced as some of the crystals had fallen out! However when I got it back it was as sparkly as ever! I fell in LOVE all over again!

This is what he got me! The Mulberry Leather Bayswater Bracelet in Black Glossy Goat with Nickel! Isn't it gorgeous! I still cant believe I have this in my collection of Mulberry jewellery! It makes me so happy and I've worn it out as much as possible since ive got it! He really spoilt me this year! If you want to buy this bracelet you can get it here from the Mulberry website for £125.

This is my Swarovski Necklace that I received last year! I am so happy that its brand new and is really sparkly again! I was really sad when it started to loose some of the crystals im just hoping it doesn't happen again!


  1. It true that both brands are very good in presenting their products but in my opinion the way Mulberry wrapped their products is good. As far as products are concern, so the collection of Swarovski is unbeatable. BTW I <3 that Swarovski Necklace you got last year! XO

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    1. I have a guilty but expensive pleasure for Mulberry, I always spend my money on it and have a whole post on my Mulberry Collection, I have two Swarovski pieces in my collection and I love them both! thankyou!