Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Blue Basil Brownies Review

My boyfriend decided to treat me a few weeks back, we had previously been bought some of the Blue Basil Brownies before, this time I wanted some all to myself and ones I could pick all for me so none went to waste as when you receive any type of chocolate you don't want any being wasted!
This time I got to pick all of the types I wanted, he bought me the 12 piece box and I chose from the 7 normal flavors available- Classic Chunky Chocolate Brownie, Chunky White Chocolate Brownie, Coffee and Walnut Brownie and Chocwork Orange Brownie.
They arrived just 2 days later after my boyfriend placed the order! They come beautifully packaged as you can see from the photos I took, I was really please with the packaging and delivery time I have to say for the price you pay you do get a lot from them!
When I opened the packaging from around the Brownies mine and my boyfriends faces both lit up, the brownies just looked perfect and made me even more excited to eat them!
My favourite was the Chunky White Chocolate Brownie I really could have eaten a whole 12 piece box full of just them, for a box of 12 the price is £17.75.
If you can't resist trying new things or would like to buy them for yourself or as a gift you can visit their website here.

Don't they just look amazing!
I think you should order yourself some!

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