Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My Victoria's Secret Collection

I have a massive obsession for Victoria's Secret, It all started when I went to New York in 2010 me and my friend went into the shopping center near the river and their was a small Victoria's Secret inside, this is where I made first ever purchase! Since then my bank account has gone down hill.... Last year I wanted to go back to New York purely for the atmosphere and Victoria's Secret seeing as Victoria's Secret wasn't available in the UK then, but saving for a mortgage meant that it was near on impossible if we wanted a house, instead me and my sister found that you could order from the US website! obviously I spent hours on the website looking at EVERYTHING I settled at an astonishing $300 and made my order, back then shipping was $20 and tax came to around £35 so it was pretty cheap, I eagerly waited for my order and 10 or so days later my order arrived! I was in love with everything so this obviously meant I would make another order at a later date which I did for my Holiday this year! 
With having so much Victoria's Secret in my life I wanted to now share with everyone what I have added to my collection throughout the last 3 years.

This is only half of my collection, including Perfumes, Makeup, jewellery and a makeup bag!

Close up of my Body Sprays and Makeup, I got my makeup off the US website as you can currently only get their makeup line from there. Everything else I purchased from the Stratford and Bond Street stores.

The larger body sprays were all gifts from my Boyfriend last year for Christmas! The miniature perfumes were in a Christmas gift set that I also got from my Boyfriend last Christmas! I love the miniature perfumes as they are really handy to keep in my makeup bag that I keep in my handbag!

The last three bits I have in this half of the collection in a Makeup Bag, I bought this from the Bond Street store when it first opened! I bought the bracelet from the US website and the Green Pear Body Mist is my first ever Victoria's Secret purchase this is what I bought from New York!

This is my newest perfume and I picked it up last week in the Stratford store whilst Christmas shopping because they had a special off on, any 50ml or 75ml was £22.50 so I picked up this bottle because it smelt AMAZING and because of the WINGS!!!! Aren't they Gorgeous?!

So this was just half my collection, the other half consists of
3 VS T-Shirts
2 PINK T-Shirts
VS Going Away Bag
VS Flip Flops
VS Bikini Top
PINK Bikini Top
2 VS Hoodies
VS Dressing Gown
VS Pyjamas
VS Large Umbrella
VS Iphone Case
5 VS Underwear Sets

I asked for Victoria's Secret this Christmas and with it now only being 15 days away I am VERY excited!
I now want some more Victoria's Secret Clothing and PINK Clothing but we'll see :)

Whats you favourite item from Victoria's Secret or what do I need to add to my collection?

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  1. Got to say I'm pretty jealous of your VS collection! x