Friday, 20 December 2013

Product Empties #1

This is my product empties from the past 4 months I should have actually put two other perfumes into this post but they do really have a couple more days worth of use in them! This means that technically I have run out of 4 perfumes all at once! I don't have much in the means of empties other than perfumes which is quite odd for me because I usually run out of everything all at once! I really hope I receive some perfumes for Christmas else I'm going to be running quite low!

Vera Wang Love Struck Floral Rush-
I bought this perfume after going through 3 bottles of the Normal Love Struck perfume I absolutely love the normal one, so I thought I would buy this one and it's a close second for me! It really is nice and fresh and I love trying out new perfumes!
Would I buy again? Yes
Rimmel Scandleyes Mascara-
I don't often wear mascara but when I do I like to switch it around and try a different one each time just to find which one suits me best, my favourite is Benefits and after trying this one im sad to say Benefits is still top purely because for me this Rimmel one wasn't the best to suit me.
Would I buy again? No sorry!
Sure Radiant Deodorant-
I have been wearing Sure for years! I have to say I have never really tried any other deodorant purely because if you like something that much then why stray?! I will continue to pick this up forever I think as I really couldn't say anything bad about this!
Would I buy again? YES!
Miss Dior Perfume-
This has been my baby throughout the last few months and when I finished it a couple of days ago for me it was a very sad day! I really loved this perfume and I am strongly considering repurchasing before Christmas but I will try and stop myself because after all I may receive some on the day!
Would I buy again? I really want to!
Mac Studio Powder-
I'm not a massive powder fan but I do always carry one around in my handbag just encase I need to quickly stop any shine on my face but I have to say this one by Mac really is nice and it doesn't feel to heavy on my skin!
Would I buy again? Maybe


  1. I really want to try the Dior perfume, I love trying new perfumes and i've nearly run out of my beloved Chanel perfume(gutting). Perhaps i will have to purchase this after Christmas!

    Kassie - xx

  2. I really want to try the vera wang lovestruck perfume, the original x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness