Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas!

This is my What I Got For Christmas Post! I have read lots of bloggers posts on what they got for Christmas because I just love to see what other people get! (I'm nosey!) So I thought I would show everyone else what I got for Christmas this year!
(picture heavy!) I have also added as many links to the items I am showing you because if your anything like me I read these types of posts so I can find things to add to my own wishlists! 

This is Mainly everything I got this year with a few little extras i'll tell you about on the way!

Overview of what I got from my Mum and Stepdad on Christmas Day!

I got a Fox doorstop! This is so cute and will be perfect for mine and my boyfriends New Home! 
This is from Wilkinson's!

They got me two pieces from Kate Spade! A little Makeup Bag and an Iphone Case! I love them both as I really wanted some things from Kate Spade but refrained from buying before Christmas myself!

They bought me this Firetrap Perfume! This is so nice! It is now in my handbag :)

They bought me this Yankee Candle in Sparkling Lemon! I really love this which is odd cause I really didn't think I was going to!

Two other gifts which surprised me was a Chanel lipstick in Rose Comete which I already own but is my favourite so having another is not a bad thing! I then also got the Victoria's Secret Travel Brush Set in this gorgeous pink case! (review to come on both!) 
The Victoria's Secret Brushes can be bought from the UK stores!

She then bought me this Braun Epilator which I am really excited to use! (review to come shortly)

I also received some Pyjamas from Primark, a Jacket from New Look and a Top from Topshop!

From my Older Sister, Brother in Law and my Niece Ella!

They got me a Nail Stamping Set! I love my acrylics so when I next get them done I am trying this out!

My sister asked what I would like from Mac this year and after not being able to buy these at the airport when I went on holiday I asked for the Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel. (review to come!)

Lastly they got me the Ted Baker Shimmering Days and Glittering Nights Palette! I really cannot wait to try this and will be uploading a review as soon as possible!

From my Younger Sister this year Megan bought me some Yankee Candle Samplers in this gift box! You get 12 samplers and 6 different scents! It includes White Gardenia, French Lavender, Beach Flowers, Midnight Jasmine, Lilac Blossom and Fresh Cut Roses! Super excited to try these as I love my Yankee Candles! 

From my Lovely Boyfriend plus some extras i'll mention at the end! Some of the VS I can't link because it was bought from America!

He bought me some Victoria's Secret Slippers! They are so comfy and I love these!

I squealed when I opened this! I love it! Its for makeup, its sparkly and its Victoria's Secret!
Massive WIN!
You can buy these in the Victoria's Secret Stores!

I have wanted one of these FOREVER and when I asked in the stores they always told me I couldn't buy one! So when I opened this I was so happy! I have a PINK Dog! 

He then surprised me with a new Michael Kors Watch! This is the Two Colour Bracelet Watch with a White Mother Of Pearl Face! It is the MK5057 and I am in love with it I took it as soon as possible to get some links taken out of it because I have such tiny wrists!

On Christmas Eve the doorbell went and I was greeted with these Flowers Martin had ordered online for me! How lovely are they!
He also bought me Two dresses from Boohoo which will hopefully be featuring in another blog post soon and some Victoria's Secret Pyjamas which I love and have already worn!

I was then given money to buy myself some things in the sales or after! Chocolate of course and received some gift cards which I hope to spend in the sales!


  1. Amazing, you're so lucky! These are amazing gifts. Love the watch and slippers :) x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. SO jealous of all your VS goodies and the Michael Kors watch - it's gorgeous! xo