Thursday, 19 December 2013

Wishlist #5

Today my wishlist consists of 4 items I would love to get for Christmas or to be able to buy them myself in the New Year with some Christmas (25th) or Birthday (27th) money!

Hair Extensions- So I used to wear hair extensions religiously but then I just stopped wearing them, after seeing a few girls post about them I've decided I would love to start wearing them again because my hair never seems to grow past a certain length anymore!
Mulberry Bayswater Double Zip Tote- I have a feeling I may be getting this bag from my lovely mamma for Christmas or my Birthday however at the steep price of £1,500 I don't think I'll be buying this for myself if I don't get it! I am saving for a Mortgage after all!
Michael Kors Watch- I already have a rose gold Michael Kors watch but when I saw this Silver and Gold one with a Pearl face I fell in love all over again! It really is lovely!
Chloe Miniatures Perfume Set- I really LOVE Chloe perfumes and seeing as I don't have too many perfumes left (20) oops! I would really like to try this miniatures set as that way I can find out which one I like the most and then buy the full sized one! I really love this idea as its hard to tell whether you will like the perfume if you smell it in the shop as their is so many other scents floating around!

What will you spend your Christmas money on?!

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  1. Would love to try Chloe perfume, definitely next on my list! Just started following you :) Josie xxx