Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Loreal Pure Red's Collection + Giveaway

I recently went into my local Superdrug and whilst looking for another lipstick that I wanted I found the Loreal Pure Red's Collection, I heard that this wasn't going to be out for a while so as soon as I saw them I knew I had to swatch them and take the ones I liked straight to the till, after spending a good fifteen minutes swatching and deciding I picked Liya and Blake's Red's. 
Out of the four Red colours Loreal had I thought that these two colours would suit me the best as they were darker shades than the other two, I felt that Eva's red was more orange toned and Julianne's red was a very clean and bright red even though I will eventually pick up these two other colours from the collection I decided on the other two as I prefer to wear darker red colours especially in the Autumn and Winter. 
Blake's red (left) is the slightly darker red of the two, I fell in love with this lipstick straight away I didn't even need to swatch it in Superdrug I just picked it straight up! I love Blake Lively so anything to do with her just jumps straight out at me and I have to have it, its a red that I am going to use all throughout A/W I can already tell it is going to be my new go to red for this season. The colour has great pigmentation and glides straight onto the lips with a really creamy feel.
Liya's red (right) is the slightly lighter red of the two, this lipstick glided right on and has a really creamy finish which I love I also love the fact that this lipstick is really pigmented and is a really nice dark clean red. I am looking forward to pairing this lipstick with my new A/W outfits for the new season, I can definitely see this lipstick becoming a new statement.

I know how hard it could be for people to find these lipsticks as some shops have started selling them but others haven't so I have decided to give one of my viewers a chance to win a Loreal Pure Red's Collection lipstick of their choice.
Just enter below...

You can Win-
One Loreal Pure Red's Collection Lipstick

- Giveaway ends on Midnight 31st October 2014 
-Giveaway will run for 44 days.
- There will be ONE winner.
- You need to enter with rafflecopter any comments will not be counted.
- The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter.
- You need to decide which Lipstick you would like to receive from Blake, Eva, Julianne's or Liya's.
- If the winner does not reply within 2 days I will pass the prizes on.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Giveaway Win A 10 Colour Cream Contour Palette

I love my Contour Palette (post to follow) after I ordered and received my palette I used it the following weekend to contour my face for going out and I was really impressed at the quality so I thought I would giveaway the same palette to one of my lovely readers!

You can Win-
One 10 Colour Cream Contour Palette.

- Giveaway ends on Midnight 3rd October 2014 
-Giveaway will run for 1 month.
- There will be ONE winner.
- You need to enter with rafflecopter any comments will not be counted.
- The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter.
- If the winner does not reply within 2 days I will pass the prizes on.

Holiday 2014 in the UK

Today's post is about my recent Holiday in the UK, this is a very different post for me because I don't usually write posts up that include full photos of myself the only photos you see of me are small ones on my Weekly posts or even smaller ones when I do swatches! 
This year me and my Boyfriend and our two close friends decided we wanted to go on Holiday but with all four of us moving into our own houses by the end of the year and having to pay a mortgage and bills we didn't want to spend too much money but still being able to get away for a bit, we decided we would stay in the UK something I had never done before, I looked online on a few websites and found a few cottages around England that we could stay in, we only had a few criteria's that we wanted our cottage to meet, two bedrooms ideally both doubles, modern and a hot tub!
We met two of them fully with the Cottage we picked being Very Modern and having a Private Hot Tub however we had one double and one twin room which wasn't too much of an issue, we booked the cottage that day and stayed for a week! Personally I don't think I've been on such a fun Holiday, we had lots to do and when we didn't want to go out and do anything we could just stay at the Cottage and Chill in the Hot Tub while the boys played football (we had a garden and play area to ourselves) and did the BBQ.
We did plenty around the Cottage during the week and went out a few nights to Bars and Clubs, we all had lot's of fun and needless to say when we all got home from the week away we were severely unhappy about having to come home and resume our normal lives. 
Were lucky we have the photos to relive the memories and hopefully we can plan something for next year.

Without these last two photos being too revealing I wanted to show you how pretty my bikini top was from River Island I wore this quite a lot while we was away and I picked it up just before we went it reminded me of the Triangl bikinis people are buying!
As you can see from the few photos above we had lots of fun and we took a lot of photos to keep on reliving the memories as a first holiday together as a group of friends, its crazy to think that we only started talking properly and going out in January this year! I wouldn't change any of them for the world!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Dermalogica Sheer Tint Review*

Dermalogica Sheer Tint in Medium

A few months ago I was contacted by a lovely lady who asked if I wanted to review some Dermalogica skincare products from beauty900.co.uk, I don't usually buy this type of product very often because i'm quite lucky with my skin but I had been looking for a new light weight coverage for the summer.

I have been testing this product for the past month so thought I would let you know my thoughts on this Dermalogica Sheer Tint in Medium. My first thought was that this was going to be too dark for me because I have really pale skin however, I use fake tan a lot and whilst I was wearing my fake tan this was a perfect match! Luckily I started to try this whilst I was using fake tan so I didn't look silly trying this out, this product is really lightweight on your skin and I barely noticed it on my skin, its the type of product you put on and then try to remember if you applied anything in the first place. I usually go for a dewy foundation finish however this sheer tint was more satin/matte which I actually liked a lot it made my face look so perfect and soft, I loved wearing this throughout my holiday and I will definitely be using it again when I have my fake tan on.
If I finished this product I would probably buy it again however I would have to think hard about it first because of the slightly higher price tag for this sheer tint than I'm used too. You can buy this for £34.50 from Beauty900. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ebay Wishlist #1

My wishlist for Ebay is always changing because I find new things or things go out of stock so then I end up adding lots more items into my watch list, at the moment my watch list has over 40 items in there, I thought I would show you what my favourite things that are currently waiting to be purchased!
I have already ordered the Infinity Necklace now as it was high on my list!
I am wanting to buy a weeding planner in the future I just love being organised and this looks like a really good planner especially for the price.
I have wanted one of these statement necklaces for a while now I have just never ordered one but this one looks really good for the price and would look amazing with a LBD!
The Ariel iPad decal really isn't something I need more want haha, I really like Disney and Ariel is my favourite Disney character so when I saw this I just added it straight to my watch list.
The clear desk stand is like a dupe of the one I saw in Muji a while back so when I saw this one on Ebay for just of £6 and free shipping I put it straight in my watch list however I wont be buying this until I have moved out.
The double coin necklace is more of a want at the moment but I don't think i'll be buying this anytime soon now I've ordered the Infinity Necklace.
The clear lipstick holder is also something I will be ordering when I have moved out because I will be buying everything new for my Spare/Beauty/Random room haha!
Lastly I bought the Beige version of this for my holiday about 2 months ago, when I saw this Dark red wine coloured floppy hat I knew I would need this for the coming Autumn months, this will look amazing with my winter coat when I go shopping or for days out!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sleek Blush By 3 Lace Review

Sleek Blush By 3- Lace
I can finally put up my review about this lovely blush, I have been using this more or less everyday for the last few months and I can now tell you my honest review, I don't usually go for orange blushers but when I saw this in Superdrug and was part of a 3 for 2 I thought I would pick it up and try something new.
I have to say I am pleasantly surprised! Even though I didn't think I would get on with the colours I was actually able to work these into my makeup routine relatively easy, my favourite shade from all three is definitely the middle one as this is a slight rose gold colour and adds a slight shimmer with the blush itself so when I used this one there was no need for a highlighter too!
If you don't have this Sleek Blush by 3 and are looking into getting one I would highly recommend this the colours are gorgeous and the pigment as you can see above is amazing you only need a little to make your cheeks pop with colour, I can't wait to try some more of the range.

Would you recommend any of the Sleek Blush by 3 Shades?

Monday, 4 August 2014

Sephora Wishlist

Everything in my Sephora basket are items that I have been lusting after for a while either from just seeing good reviews or seeing other bloggers or youtubers with them!
The matte lip cream and the OCC trio are high on my wishlist purely because I love trying out new lip products and the two palettes will be good because I am trying really hard to love to use eye shadow on a every day basis and the Too Faced one will be really good for that!
Expect a review once I have placed my order and had a try!

Makeup Revolution Wishlist

So a few weeks ago I went onto the Makeup Revolution website and picked out some pieces from their makeup collection that I thought I would like to try and this is what I picked.
Makeup Revolutions collection ranges in price from £1 - £12 so really when picking items from their online store you can't go wrong! 
I really like the look of their concealer palettes for when I contour my face on a night out, and I have wanted a new dark purple lipstick for a while now and at a £1 I really can't complain.
My favourite item on their website definitely had to be the eye foil in copper I have been eyeing up more or less the same item from Stila with theirs costing £33.50! and Makeup Revolution's only being £4 this went straight into my online basket! 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Week in Pictures #3

We bough Calippos!
Looking at wedding dresses (sigh)
Had my nails done for my Holiday
Selling my UGG Boots on Ebay!
New red matte velvet lip laquer I love it!
New Nipple Bars :)
I had a chinese all to myself
Strawberries when I was poorly
New MAC lipstick and Boohoo dress
New shampoo because I wash my hair everyday!
MAC and Tanya Burr Makeup to cheer myself up
Covert Affairs is a guilty pleasure series I watch.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

My Top 5 My Lips But Better Lipsticks

My top 5 My lips but better Lipsticks are (L-R) Natural Collection in Apple Blossom, MAC Flair for Finery, Loreal Collection Privee by Cheryl in Cheryl's Nude, MAC Shy Girl and Body Shop Colourglide in shade 11.

Swatches (L-R) Natural Collection in Apple Blossom, MAC Flair for Finery, Loreal Collection Privee by Cheryl in Cheryl's Nude, MAC Shy Girl and Body Shop Colourglide in shade 11.

I love wearing the above 5 lipsticks they are my go to everyday lipsticks-

Natural Collection in Apple Blossom
I love this lipstick and at only £1.99 from Boots this lipstick and all of the others from this collection are worth just buying even if your not too sure on the colour because of how cheap they are.

This MAC limited edition lipstick is one of my favourite nudes, I love wearing this everyday as its just an easy colour to wear, this is also a creamsheen so applies really easily even when you're in a rush!

 I only bought this lipstick around a month ago but I am already wanted to buy the rest of the collection, this lipstick is a perfect my lips but better colour, out of all five of the colours this is definitely my favourite and one I have been wearing the most.

This is one of my MAC lipsticks that doesn't get much love usually but after finding it for this post I have started to use it more often over the past couple of weeks this is a really lovely peach nude.

Body Shop Colourglide in shade 11
This body shop lipstick is one of my favourites I own 5 colourglide lipsticks from the body shop and this is definitely the nicest one I own, its a really easy colour to wear and is another really nice peach nude.

If you're looking to buy the Natural Collection or Loreal lipstick from Boots these voucher codes from Voucher Cloud could help shopping online a little easier on your purse! I always search for Voucher codes when shopping online.

Do you own any My lips but better lipsticks?

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Wishlist #8

The two items from Mac are very high on my wishlist I have been lusting over these two products since Christmas now and I can't wait to purchase them at the end of the month!
I have been using up a lot of my perfumes recently especially the ones that only have a week worth of sprays in them! I have around 5 more to go before I can justify spending money on new ones but when I can these two Lolita Lempicka Perfumes are high on my list!
I have wanted a Mulberry Willow for what seems like forever but with having four already I really can't justify the price tag but this look a like in grey is amazing for the price!
I really want something that says 'More issues than Vogue' and the only thing I have seen with this slogan that appeals to me is an Iphone case.
I have wanted a plunge neck skater dress for ages but Boohoo never seemed to stock any that I like, I am obsessed with Boohoo dresses at the moment so when this comes back in stock in a 14 in black I will be purchasing quickly!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Whats in my Makeup Bag

I  keep this Michael Kors Vanilla Fulton Cosmetic Bag  in my Handbag at all times
It always contains my-

I always keep this in my makeup bag because its easier to carry this little roller ball perfume with me and if I forget to put a perfume in my handbag then I always know I have this one on hand, it also smells amazing and for the price you can't go wrong with this, you can see how much I have used and I've only had it 4 months!

I bought this lip gloss a few months ago and I put it straight into my makeup bag after one use, this lip gloss is such an easy shade to wear and I can just put it on with nothing else and it looks amazing.

This is one of my go to lipsticks it is an easy lipstick to wear and if I don't but lipstick on in the morning but want to later in the day I know that this lipstick will look good with whatever I am wearing!

Again this lipstick is so easy to wear because it is a Sheer Candy lipstick it just adds a slight tint to the lips and makes them look super glossy which is a bonus.

This is one of my favourite drugstore foundations because it has made into so many of my favourite posts, however I know need to get the shade lighter in this because now my holiday tan is gone this is slightly too dark so will only be useful in the summer. 

This face powder is just my holy grail product in my makeup bag because its just so handy, if I notice any shiny parts on my face throughout the day I can just put some of this on and my face goes back to how it was looking at the start of the day I love it.

I don't keep too much in my makeup bag because it then leaves room for anything else I want to add to it that I wear on a day to day basis.

Friday, 21 February 2014

My Top 3 Drug Store Highlighters

These are my top three drug store highlighters, I love using highlighters I use them everyday as part of my makeup routine and I couldn't go a day without using one, highlighters and concealers are literally like my holy grail products like dessert island products.
I thought I would write up a post letting you all know my favourite three highlighters on the drug store scene right now so their is-

Bourjois Chocolate Highlighting Powder £8.99
I love this highlight and after seeing it on a few blogs I decided I needed to track this highlight down because I heard it had been discontinued not that I no why! It is gorgeous and really pretty, I love using this and I will be really sad when I've used it because I can't find anyone that sells this anymore. If you don't mind spending a little more you can get it here for £14.99.

I bought this ELF blush back when they had a 50% off on their website and I put quite a few (12) blushes into my basket and this one turned out to be a perfect highlight colour so its now what I use it for. I am really pleased I got this because it adds a lovely highlight to the cheek and brow bone and isn't too over the top.

I bought this highlighter a while ago from Superdrug but never used it because its a pink based highlight and I didn't think it would suit my skin tone but after using the lustre drops I got for Christmas I have been using this as a highlight setting powder over the top and it looks amazing! So pleased I got this now and even more pleased that I started to use it and found out how good it does look!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Style Crush: Lucy Hale

My style crush at the moment is Lucy Hale or Aria from Pretty Little Liars!
Since watching Pretty Little Liars I have been completely obsessed with Lucy Hale's style she has such effortless style on and off set! I have even been buying clothes because they look similar to the ones she wears. I am obsessed with wearing dresses at the moment and usually in Pretty Little Liars she seems to wear a lot too so if I see her in one I know I will like I take a picture so that I can find one similar online.
In Pretty Little Liars her outfits are just thrown together and she looks amazing I honestly wish I could just own her whole wardrobe well both wardrobes actually!
I can't wait to buy the new series of Pretty Little Liars so I can go crazy over her new clothes!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Review

This is one of my first Benefit Reviews and I am really pleased to say that for one of my first Benefit Reviews I am really going to enjoy writing this review!
I have been using this product for the last 2 months now, I have been using the Benefit's Girl meets Pearl as either a subtle highlight for my brow or cheek bone but after using it like this for a while I decided to mix it in with my foundation and it works and looks AMAZING!
I didn't think I would be able to say I LOVE a liquid highlight very often but now it seems to be the only type of highlight I use and I really am loving this one from Benefit.
Its a really lovely pearly pink colour as the name would suggest its really pretty and isn't sticky which is a big issue for me when it comes down to liquid products so its a win for me.
I really cannot wait to try more Benefit products now that this one has brought me over to the Benefit Website.

Monday, 17 February 2014

What's in my Travel Train Case

This is my Travel Train Case from Victoria's Secret that I got for Christmas from my boyfriend Martin.

In the top compartment I keep my brushes, I take all of these brushes with me whenever I go away and need to take a choice of makeup.
MAC 168 Brush
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Real Techniques Contour Brush
Real Techniques Detailer Brush 
ELF Brow Wand
Victoria's Secret Set-
Powder Brush
Blush Brush
2 Eye Brushes
Brow Brush

All the makeup I take with me when I go away is kept in the second section of the train case.

MAC 168 Brush
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Real Techniques Contour Brush
Real Techniques Detailer Brush 
ELF Brow Wand

Victoria's Secret Set-
Powder Brush
Blush Brush
2 Eye Brushes
Brow Brush

Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace
YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch
MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel
MAC Studio Care blend in Light Plus
MAC Face and Body in C1
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair
Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in Fair
Collection Fix Me Up Makeup Fixer

Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in 10 Tweed Pink
Nars Cheek Palette in Foreplay
MAC Pearl Matte Face Powder in In For a Treat
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel

Topshop Cream Blush in Morning Dew
Topshop Glow in Polished
Dior Highlight in Amber Diamond
Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels

NYX Eyeshadow in Toffee Shimmer
NYX Eyeshadow in Flamingo
NYX Eyeshadow in Fahrenheit
NYX Eyeshadow in Utopia Gold
MAC Paint Pot in Let's Skate
Bourjois Color Edition 24hr in Silver
Bourjois Intense in 03 Extrait De Fard
NYX Glitter Cream Palette in 01 Paradise
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 611 Yoghurt

MAC Opulash in Bad Bad Black
Benefit They're Real Mini
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 
Look Beauty Brow Perfect 

I always take a lot with me when I go out I also take all my lipsticks with me in a separate makeup bag to make it easier to find a lipstick!