Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mac Lustre Drops In Pink Rebel Review

I was bought these Mac Lustre Drops for Christmas by my older sister and since a few days ago this product has slowly become my holy grail product for everyday! They add a really lovely glow to your cheeks or your while face depending on what you go for!
I use the Lustre Drops in two different ways, I sometimes add the Lustre drops to the apples of my cheeks to add highlight to that area but if I feel like I need to give me whole face a glow I just add the Lustre Drops to my Mac Face and Body foundation and mix it before I apply my foundation as usual.
I really love using these Mac Lustre Drops they add an instant glow and it lasts all day! If your looking for a really nice but not over the top glow to your face/cheeks then you need this in your makeup collection.
I know want the Mac Lustre Drops in Sun Rush because I love these so much and when I like a product I usually want it in every shade.
When I use the Lustre Drops I receive a lot of compliments from people so I have been taking advantage of the fact that this product is wonderful and I have been using it non stop, its not sticky and it doesn't cling to any dry patches, the best bit is that it really does stay put.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Valentines with Pandora

This Valentines Pandora have brought out a new Collection and since I got my Pandora Bracelet back in December for my birthday I have been obsessed with charms.
I thought I would show you my favourite pieces from this years Pandora Valentines collection.

I think this is really cute, and a little bit different to the rest of the charms they have!
This is so lovely and I don't have anything that hangs off my bracelet so anything like this gets my approval!
I need to get one of these for my bracelet because when I have finished filling up the middle part I need something to keep the rest of the charms I get from falling off.
I was bought a ring for Christmas and I love it but this ring for Valentines really is just the cutest more romantic gift and its only £35!
This is the most expensive gift on my list but it is gorgeous and really stands out! Its so pretty, I have seen this one in store too and it really does sparkle!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Top 5 Fake Tan's

I love fake tan I don't wear it all the time but when I know im going out for a special occasion or to a club I wear fake tan mainly so I don't look like a ghost because I am incredibly pale!
I decided to do a post on my top 5 favourite fake tans, I have tried many over the last 6 years of wearing fake tan but for the past 2 years I have only really ever had these 5 in my drawer to use, that being said it means I haven't tried any new fake tans in the past 2 years! (oops)
I know in the picture I have 7 different types because I cheated a little and made the two Soltan ones and two Garnier ones count as just one each!
Ill start with my least favourite going to my favourite! (5-1)

These two fake tans are really good however I own both of these products because I find that after using the mist I find patches which drives me crazy so I go over any patches with the body wipes as these are more precise!

I love this product from Johnson's the only thing for me is that it has a really distinctive smell of biscuits! Martin really hates me wearing this one but after you've showered after applying and it developing its fine and leaves a really nice colour to your skin but it does take me 3 days to get an even tan with this one.

I buy these wipes to use in case I miss any bits with cream or mists and these are also really good for your face, they leave a really nice glow and are really cheap so don't break the bank!

I use these two products together I use the mist first in the evening and then the night after I top it up with the gel so that I can achieve an even tan and with these products its possible for me to do this just after two nights which is really good for me because sometimes I forget about tanning when I need to for an occasion.

I love this self tan because its so moisturising with this one I can also achieve an even tan just after two days of applying this and it has such a lovely colour, this tan smells quite nice and applying this is easy and the price is affordable, however I am still to find a tan that doesn't stain my white bed sheets but this is still my favourite by far!

I haven't tried a new Fake Tan in 2 years do you have any recommendations?
Would you like me to do a more in depth review on one?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hair Extensions Review

So about 2 weeks ago I said on Twitter that I really wanted to wear Hair Extensions again and a few companies told me to have a look on their websites however after looking on some of the websites I couldn't find any that I thought would match my hair colour so I just left it.
Whilst I was in town last weekend I remembered that the shop where I used to get my extensions from was near to where I was shopping so I went into the Hair Extension shop and they were able to match me up pretty much straight away to the right colour extensions!
I was over the moon that I could finally wear extensions again because I don't dye my hair my hair is my natural colour which makes it really difficult for me to pick out a colour. 
I decided that I would go for 18" clip ins this time but when I need some new ones I really want 20" or 22" because I really love having long hair! Ever since I can remember my hair just doesn't want to grow past a certain length and I really have tried everything!
My extensions are by 1st Lady and are 100% Human Hair which makes them really soft and you are able to style them how you would your natural hair and don't fizzle up when you apply heat! Mine are in the shade P12/613.
The clip in extensions were £44.99 and this included 1 x 5 clip, 2 x 3 clip, 2 x 2 clip and 6 x 1 clip so you get a lot for your money and can experiment with the amount you want, because my hair is so thin I get away with just using the 5 clip, one 3 clip, one 2 clip and four 1 clip so I have some left over!
I am so happy with my extensions and I can already tell that after just 2 weeks I am going to be wearing these everyday, they are so comfy and I can't even feel the clips in my hair.

Monday, 20 January 2014

MUA Luxe Velvet Lipgloss Review

I bought this MUA Luxe London Velvet Lip Lacquer in FUNK from Superdrug about 3 weeks ago and I haven't picked it up once, so a couple of days ago I thought I would give it a go, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, I hadn't seen any reviews on this product so I really didn't know what to expect!

Firstly the colour is amazing, its really bright but suits my pale skin tone, the pink colour looks really nice and I wore this as a statement and all my other makeup was very subtle.
After about 5 minutes of putting the lip lacquer on my lips it was completely dry I then decided to see if it had good staying power so rubbed my lip and dragged my finger across my face to see if any moved but it didn't! So I kept the lip lacquer on and after going into University followed my shopping and having a cold glass of coke in between this MUA Lip Lacquer did not move! By the time I got home it was all still intact and looked as good as it did when I first applied it that morning.
This MUA Luxe London Velvet Lip Lacquer comes in 5 different colours and the one I bought is in the shade FUNK they retail at £3 which makes it even better to know that these won't break the bank but do look amazing.
I will definitely be checking out the other shades when I am next in Superdrug!
If you would like to try some of the MUA Luxe London Velvet Lip Lacquers you can buy them in any Superdrug stores or online here from Superdrug you can also buy them online here on the MUA website.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wishlist #6

My Wishlist this month consists of 3 clothing items and 3 beauty items.

I really want this dress and the day after I put this post together I purchased it so it should be here soon and I cannot wait to try it on and wear it with chunky necklaces and jumpers and tights!
I really love the colour of this dress, I also really want to try a plunge neck dress because I want to start being more daring on nights out so I think this would be perfect.
I already have this dress in the purple and I have worn it to death, so need I say more?
I want a palette that I can use to conceal and contour so when I was looking through Amazon I came across this and for the price you can't go wrong!
I have wanted to try Physicians Formula for ages but I couldn't warrant the £20 price tag on amazon so whilst looking online I came across iherb and saw that they sold both of these Happy Booster Powders at £7 and £8 which is amazing!

Friday, 17 January 2014

My Week In Pictures #2

I Bought the 'Fox' Dress from ASOS
My Depop
Martin Me and Mum on New Years Eve in London
Flowers Martin got me for Christmas
My Pandora Bracelet
Mac Lustre Drops
Yankee Candle
Victoria's Secret + Michael Kors from Martin for Christmas
New Michael Kors Watch
Fox Doorstop from Mum + Stepdad
My Birthday Cookie from Martin
Christmas Presents from my Mum + Stepdad

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer Review

I've been looking for a new concealer for a while now, well at least something to use with my Collection lasting perfection concealer so while I was in Boots I picked this Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer to try.
After using this for the past week I am pleased to say that I love it, it has a really creamy formula and is really nice to apply to your face and has a really good coverage but doesn't feel caked on your face.
I bought the concealer in Fair because I have quite pale skin, I usually find it hard to find a light concealer that suits me but this one by Seventeen is just the right colour, it is also more pinky toned which is perfect for me.
If you need a new concealer that has a high coverage and comes in a really light shade this concealer could definitely be for you! The only thing I have noticed is that when I bought this instore they only had Fair and Medium and on the Boots website here they only stock Fair and Medium,
I am super impressed with this and I cant wait to try some more from the Seventeen range.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Moments That Mattered To Me In 2013

So I was looking through some of my favourite blogs and I came across a Competition on Hannah's Blog Away with the Fairies it's to Win an Ipad Mini with Lloyds Bank by entering the prize draw with Moments that Mattered to you in 2013.
I would obviously love to win and Ipad Mini so I thought about the Competition and decided on what would be the Moment that mattered to me in 2013.

From the pictures about you can see I have included my Dog 'Titch', Martin and I on New Years Eve Last Year, a Mulberry Gift for out 3 Year Anniversary last November, Martin and I taking 'Selfies' and in the Largest Section is a House we have been looking at.
The Moment that Mattered to me Most last year was when Martin and I decided we wanted to get a mortgage together, being together 3 years on our Anniversary back in November 2013 Martin asked me if I wanted to start our own little journey in life together by getting our own house and mortgage and starting our own little family.
When we decided to start looking at houses I had instant butterflies and I could'nt believe we was looking at buying our own house, if someone had told me 3 and a half years ago today I would be seriously looking to buy a house I would of just laughed, at 18 you don't think about that kind of thing you just want to go out and have fun, you don't want to be spending most of your money on a Mortgage, I can now say I am so lucky to have a Hard Working boyfriend and by May we can hopefully set the ball rolling and go and look around some houses for real! 
2013 really made some of the best moments for me we decided that we both wanted to start our lives together and set it in stone with a Mortgage and obviously our baby Titch!

The Body Shop Colour Glide Lip Shine Review

This post has been long awaited, I have had this post sitting in my Drafts for nearly a month and I decided that now would be a good time because this because it won't be long till its spring and this lipstick is definitely one I will be wearing all this Spring/Summer!
This Beautiful Colourglide Shine Colour Lipstick is from The Body Shop what first grabbed my attention was the packaging, I mean who doesn't love Rose Gold and Silver, it looks beautiful and I just can't stop staring at this Lipstick!
The colour is a really pretty Coral and has a really nice dewy formula and just adds a tint of colour to the lips  so if your looking for something that's not to bright and bold this could be the Lipstick for you!
Since ive been wearing this I have had a lot of compliments off people telling me that my lips are a really lovely colour to them, quite a few people have even thought it was my natural lip colour! (I wish)
You can buy this Lipstick instore and Online here
This lipstick retails at £10 and my lipstick is in the shade Rare Coral

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Valentines Day Gifts

You may all be thinking why are you posting about Valentines Day already well it is only 4 weeks away!
I decided because I quite like Valentines day I would write up a post about what kind of gifts are available this year and what ones I would pick from the many retailers that take part in Valentines day!
I picked 5 different gifts from 5 different all in different price ranges to help suit everyone's budget!

This gift from Moonpig consists of 12 Red Roses, Heart Balloon and a Solid Milk Chocolate Heart.

48 chocolates in milk, white and Dark.

Two night stay in a Hotel with Breakfast at over 90 Hotels.

Personalise the wine with the Name, Message and the Year.

You can add your Initial pick any extras and pick the metal colour.

My favourite from this little gift idea post is the Moonpig My Valentine Gift but really I like them all and if I was given any of these I would be really happy! Some are really cute Valentines Gifts but some are different and something unusual that you wouldn't expect to receive like the Necklace or the Bottle of wine!

I hope this has helped if you've been struggling what to get for Valentines Day!

Monday, 13 January 2014

UK + International Giveaway!

So I said that I would eventually hold an International Giveaway as I have quite a few international readers, I have previously held 3 giveaways that have been UK only so I thought it would be nice to include people from all over the world!
Good Luck!

You can win-
Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace
Sleek Blush in Antique
Accessorize Lipstick in Besotted

- Giveaway ends on Midnight 30th March 2014 
- Open to anyone.
- There will be ONE winner.
- You need to enter with rafflecopter any comments will not be counted.
- The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter.
- If the winner does not reply within 2 days I will pass the prizes on.

NYX Tango with Bronzing Powder When Leopard Gets A Tan Review

NYX When Leopard Gets A Tan 
I bought this from my local CCO as I couldn't find anywhere to buy it online, this was £4.99 and I really love this! I haven't stopped using it over the past week.
I find it really hard to find a nice bronzer because I have such pale skin, and sometimes find it difficult to find one that doesn't make my skin look muddy!
This also comes with a brush that is hidden underneath the bronzer, so its handy just to pop this in your makeup bag without needing to add a brush for it! 
I have really enjoyed using this bronzer and I can't wait to go back to my local CCO to find some more from their NYX range!
You can buy NYX online here and it can now be purchased in some Next stores, however I am lucky to have two CCO stores close to me in Medway that stock this product. 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel Paris Fresh Moisture Mist Review

I bought mine from Debenhams last Summer but I never got round to using it because the week after I purchased this I went on holiday and I only took one perfume with me because I knew I would be tempted to buy some perfume in Duty Free at the Airport!
Since the start of the year I have started picking this up more and more and now my boyfriend and sister say that when I wear it I smell like 'me' which sounds really funny because I don' understand how they associate this Chanel Mist with me already when I haven't been wearing it long.
This Chanel Mist is really refreshing and doesn't feel as heavy as a perfume which I think will be perfect for me in the summer, a Chanel purchase is always something I've had to think about before purchasing but for £28 and for 100ml of the Moisture Mist it didn't seem too much for a High end product.
I bought the Chanel Mist from Debenhams but it can be purchased from some other Chanel Perfume retailers online and some in-store.
When I run out of this I will definitely be re-purchasing, and I would also like to try some of the other Chanel Moisture Mists that they do.

What Debenhams have to say about this product- The Fresh
 Moisture Body Mist offers a light, airy texture that moisturises your skin, to complement your fragrance and enhance its trail throughout the day. In a single, simple step, it leaves a subtle touch of intense scent on the body. The ideal format for a weekend get-away or holiday.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel Review

I think everyone needs to purchase a bottle of this before its gone!
I'm glad I took a picture of this when I got it because now taking a picture of it wouldn't look too good unless it was for my Monthly Empties Post! I have literally got one more use left in this bottle, I truly have loved this product, I have just placed an order for 3 more bottle because I wont be able to bear it when it out of stock!
Even with this being a 250ml bottle it has lasted me just over 2 weeks and I have used it everyday since I got it in my Secret Santa! It smells amazing and I can't wait to carry on using this throughout the year just so every time I shower I can be reminded of Christmas!

Friday, 10 January 2014

All That Glitters Is Zara

Last summer I made a purchase from Zara online mainly because I love the way they package their items and delivery was free when I ordered!

Obviously I wasn't dissapointed when I opened up the box that arrived well presented and packaged, I was so excited to open it up because I had been deciding for AGES whether or not to buy the item!
I am so glad I did.

When I tore open the paper I found the shoes I had purchased wrapped to perfection, nothing was going to happen to these shoes on their way through the postal system! I took so much time unwrapping these to make sure they stayed in perfect condition!

These shoes really are amazing and I think I payed £19.99 for these and I cant wait to wear them this Spring/Summer as I didn't have the chance when I bought them! 

The shoes are Nude and have Crystals all over them but what made me happier was the fact that the actual shoe material is see through! So as long as you have bare toe nails or a really pretty summery colour you know they are going to look amazing!

These really are the perfect shoes for me because in the summer I only wear ballet pumps and flip flops! These are also nude which is also a big win for me as I practically live in Topshops Nude Ballet Pumps however I do get quite a few people constantly staring at my feet and I still have no idea why?!