Thursday, 9 January 2014

ChimiChanga Resturant Review

So about 3 weeks ago Martin and I took ourselves down to one of our local shopping centers, after we had finished looking round we decided to try a new restaurant and seeing as we had never even thought about trying ChimiChanga we thought we would give it a go as they say!
I am pleased to say we will be visiting again!

My first thought was that their drinks were a little expensive especially when quite a few restaurants offer the service of refillable soft drinks but as you can see the Coca Cola's we ordered came in glass bottles and when we received our glasses they were not only filled with Ice and Lemon the glasses themselves had also been partially frozen! So our drinks were kept cool which was essential for me because of the food I had ordered!

Martin ordered the Fajita Wrap with Steak, he demolished all of his after about 20 minutes!

However I ordered the Hot and Spicy Chicken Wrap, when It came it was well presented and looked amazing! The chips are really to die for, the chip spice really was nice but with the wrap I really hadn't anticipated how big and how spicy it was going to be.......

I managed to eat all my chips and some salad but when it came to my wrap I could only eat one full hand and about a quarter of the second half! It really was filling and a little too spicy for me but I really am a wimp who thought she could handle it!

I would also just like to say we visited the Chatham Dockside Restaurant and the Waiter who served us 'Callum' was lovely and polite and really made our evening relaxed! He needs to be told just how wonderful he is, because his manners and timings were superb compared to some other members of staff we saw at the same restaurant and we was both really pleased to have him as our waiter for the evening!

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