Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hair Extensions Review

So about 2 weeks ago I said on Twitter that I really wanted to wear Hair Extensions again and a few companies told me to have a look on their websites however after looking on some of the websites I couldn't find any that I thought would match my hair colour so I just left it.
Whilst I was in town last weekend I remembered that the shop where I used to get my extensions from was near to where I was shopping so I went into the Hair Extension shop and they were able to match me up pretty much straight away to the right colour extensions!
I was over the moon that I could finally wear extensions again because I don't dye my hair my hair is my natural colour which makes it really difficult for me to pick out a colour. 
I decided that I would go for 18" clip ins this time but when I need some new ones I really want 20" or 22" because I really love having long hair! Ever since I can remember my hair just doesn't want to grow past a certain length and I really have tried everything!
My extensions are by 1st Lady and are 100% Human Hair which makes them really soft and you are able to style them how you would your natural hair and don't fizzle up when you apply heat! Mine are in the shade P12/613.
The clip in extensions were £44.99 and this included 1 x 5 clip, 2 x 3 clip, 2 x 2 clip and 6 x 1 clip so you get a lot for your money and can experiment with the amount you want, because my hair is so thin I get away with just using the 5 clip, one 3 clip, one 2 clip and four 1 clip so I have some left over!
I am so happy with my extensions and I can already tell that after just 2 weeks I am going to be wearing these everyday, they are so comfy and I can't even feel the clips in my hair.

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