Tuesday, 7 January 2014

HOME SERIES- Part 1 Spare Room

So my New Series is going to be all about Mind and my Boyfriends New Home that we plan on buying this Summer/Autumn! We would like a 2 bedroom house with a Lounge Kitchen and Conservatory if possible and also a back garden and a drive! I know im not asking for a lot ;) haha! But we really have been saving for our own place for the last two years and we have nearly finished saving for our deposit! We are both so excited so this is why I decided to start this Home Series on my blog to show you all how I would like to decorate our house piece by piece and hopefully help others along the way!

Total £459

Which isn't too much as I will just buy the Malm Dressing Table and Solsta Sofa Bed first as these would be the two key pieces to start the room off because we would need the bed encase of people coming to stay and I would need the dressing table to store all my makeup! We decided that the spare room would be our 'Play Room' which would consist of makeup and blogging area for me and for Martin a desk where he could use his DJ Decks and to do work, but then could be transformed into a spare room if we had guests!

Total £90.99

The total for the room accessories don't add up to such a scary amount and plus I get my own discount for everything from Wilkinson's which would take the total down even more! 
As you can see I want to keep the room as neutral as possible in colour so that I can add different coloured small accessories and having such a light and well lit room will make it perfect for blogging!
For the Room itself I decided to have a neutral room so picked the grey majestic wallpaper as a feature wall wallpaper so that I could have the rest of the walls plain white and have a dark coloured carpet!

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