Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Top 5 Fake Tan's

I love fake tan I don't wear it all the time but when I know im going out for a special occasion or to a club I wear fake tan mainly so I don't look like a ghost because I am incredibly pale!
I decided to do a post on my top 5 favourite fake tans, I have tried many over the last 6 years of wearing fake tan but for the past 2 years I have only really ever had these 5 in my drawer to use, that being said it means I haven't tried any new fake tans in the past 2 years! (oops)
I know in the picture I have 7 different types because I cheated a little and made the two Soltan ones and two Garnier ones count as just one each!
Ill start with my least favourite going to my favourite! (5-1)

These two fake tans are really good however I own both of these products because I find that after using the mist I find patches which drives me crazy so I go over any patches with the body wipes as these are more precise!

I love this product from Johnson's the only thing for me is that it has a really distinctive smell of biscuits! Martin really hates me wearing this one but after you've showered after applying and it developing its fine and leaves a really nice colour to your skin but it does take me 3 days to get an even tan with this one.

I buy these wipes to use in case I miss any bits with cream or mists and these are also really good for your face, they leave a really nice glow and are really cheap so don't break the bank!

I use these two products together I use the mist first in the evening and then the night after I top it up with the gel so that I can achieve an even tan and with these products its possible for me to do this just after two nights which is really good for me because sometimes I forget about tanning when I need to for an occasion.

I love this self tan because its so moisturising with this one I can also achieve an even tan just after two days of applying this and it has such a lovely colour, this tan smells quite nice and applying this is easy and the price is affordable, however I am still to find a tan that doesn't stain my white bed sheets but this is still my favourite by far!

I haven't tried a new Fake Tan in 2 years do you have any recommendations?
Would you like me to do a more in depth review on one?

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