Thursday, 23 January 2014

Valentines with Pandora

This Valentines Pandora have brought out a new Collection and since I got my Pandora Bracelet back in December for my birthday I have been obsessed with charms.
I thought I would show you my favourite pieces from this years Pandora Valentines collection.

I think this is really cute, and a little bit different to the rest of the charms they have!
This is so lovely and I don't have anything that hangs off my bracelet so anything like this gets my approval!
I need to get one of these for my bracelet because when I have finished filling up the middle part I need something to keep the rest of the charms I get from falling off.
I was bought a ring for Christmas and I love it but this ring for Valentines really is just the cutest more romantic gift and its only £35!
This is the most expensive gift on my list but it is gorgeous and really stands out! Its so pretty, I have seen this one in store too and it really does sparkle!

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