Saturday, 4 January 2014

What I Got For My 21st Birthday!

On the 27th December it was my 21st birthday! 
On the Friday morning my boyfriend woke me up by singing Happy Birthday! We had planned a busy day in London but with the weather being horrible we just went to our local shopping center so we could look around the sales and so I could get my Michael Kors Watch that I received for Christmas adjusted and then had a Chinese takeaway with my family and Martin in the evening!
So instead we went to London on Saturday (28th) because the weather was 10 times better! Martin first took me to Winter Wonderland then shopping and then to Leicester Square for a meal! I basically had two birthdays and I was really lucky with what I got!

Overview of everything I got for my Birthday!

Firstly my Older Sister Laura her Husband and my Niece Ella bought me these two bits from Victoria's Secret, a Victoria's Secret Lipgloss and the Amber Romance Perfume because I have nearly run out of this! My sister then told me I had my Main Present coming on the 30th when she comes to stay at ours for New Year, I can't wait to see what it is!

From my Parents and Younger Sister!

My Mum and Stepdad bought me this Pandora Bracelet which I was really surprised by and I love it!

My Parents had also bought me this Present charm which they had already put onto the bracelet for me!

My Younger Sister Megan bought me this beautiful Pandora Ring! It really is beautiful and something I would never have chosen for myself! This ring is little flowers all the way round!

This is what Martin got me! 

First I opened this beautiful Sugar Hill Boutique Sequinned Heart Jumper! Its so cosy and I think im going to wear this into London on New Years Eve! 

He then bought me this Love PINK by Victoria's Secret Top, I love this its all Sequinned writing and it really does look amazing in the right lighting! I cannot wait to wear this!

I have had this Victoria's Secret Ipad case on my Wishlist for ages so when I received this I took it out straight away and my put my Ipad into it! It's a good job Martin reads my Blog!

I then opened this Victoria's Secret PINK Iphone case, the little crystals inside actually move too! I was amused for a little while lets say!

On the Saturday when we went to London Martin went to do something at the Station and on our way back onto the Station to head home Martin took me to the Millie's Cookie Stand and I was presented with this! I have wanted a giant cookie from Millie's for ages and I can't believe he actually got it for me! Now I just don't want to eat it!

Also on the Saturday whilst we was in London Martin took me to Pandora store and told me to pick any two clips for my bracelet, the first one I picked was this Heart one!

The second one I picked was this Crystal Star clip! This is really pretty and really sparkles!

I then bought this Charm from my own money that I received for Christmas and some more that I received for my Birthday! This charm has little crystals embedded into the Glass!

I had such a lovely Birthday and had two great days to celebrate!


  1. A belated happy birthday! Glad you had a lovely day, jealous of the VS goodies you got! I love the sequins x x

    1. Thankyou! I love anything Victoria's Secret! xx