Monday, 3 February 2014

Dermalogica Daytime Radiance Review*

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely lady who asked if I wanted to review some Dermalogica skincare products from, I don't usually buy skincare products because i'm quite lucky with my skin however over the past few months I've noticed my skin is looking a little dry and dull.

I have been testing all three of these products for the past two weeks so thought I would let you know my thoughts on these three products, the Daytime Radiance Travel Set I received included a Multivitamin Power Firm, Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 and a SkinPerfect Primer SPF30.

SkinPerfect Primer SPF30-
This primer is tinted and to me also has some shimmer to it, which usually isn't my thing but when I put this on and then put my Foundation on it made me have a more flawless look! I didn't think I would like wearing a primer under my foundation but with one I didn't even remember I had put it on it just added a really nice touch to my makeup routine! This Primer from Dermalogica says it has skin-firming peptides and has SPF30 for radiance and lumonosity. My skin defiantely looked more radiant when I wore this as part of my makeup routine, I really have enjoyed using this and after wearing this pretty much continuously for two weeks I have now run out but I will be purchasing the full size of this product from the website.

Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30-
This moisturiser from Dermalogica helps to hydrate the skin and help the aging of the skin, I have used this nearly every day for a week and I have defiantely noticed a difference from using this product, I get some odd dry patches on my face and this has really helped, I also noticed that this product has a really nice but subtle smell to it, not too much though because it wasn't strong enough but I don't really like strong smells in moisturisers so this was key to me with this product! I will carry on using this product because I have found it useful and if I continue to love it as much as I have then I will be repurchasing the full size of this product.

MultiVitamin Power Firm-
This firm cream from Dermalogica has been really nice to use over the past two weeks, it has a silicone feel to it but it soaks into my skin like a dream, I have been using this at night just before I go to bed and I can definitely see a difference in using this my skin looks amazing and it feels really soft and like velvet to the touch! I will be repurchasing the full sized product of this because I have no run out of this product but I want to continue using it to see what else it can improve in my skin as it can help with fine lines in the skin.

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