Friday, 7 February 2014

My Favourite 5 Blogs Right Now

I decided that it would be nice to upload a post on my top 5 favourite bloggers, I have been reading blogs for a lot longer than I have been blogging myself, reading other blogs helped me make the decision that I wanted to start blogging myself and I absolutely love it!

My top 5 blogs are 

Dizzy Brunette 3 is a blog written by a lovely girl called Corrie who loves to write about Beauty! I have loved reading her blog for the past year and I will keep her blog favourited on my Ipad forever! She also has a YouTube Channel which I'm subscribed too!

Pearls and Poodles is a beauty and fashion blog written by a lovely lady called Millie, Millie's blog is one of the first ever blogs I read when I first started getting into beauty, her posts are so pretty and she has gorgeous makeup to review which makes it worse for me because pretty much anything she blogs about makes it into my wishlist!

Sophia Meola is a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog written by a lovely girl called Sophia, I have been reading Sophia's blog for a while now, she seems to have the same taste in beauty and fashion as me so I know that if she reviews a product I will definitely want to go out and get it if I haven't already got it myself! She seems pretty obsessed with handbags like me so I love to read her Haul posts!

Away with the Fairies is a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog written by Hannah, I've just started reading Hannah's posts but love her blog already, her photos are really refreshing and I have enjoyed looking through all her old posts to see what I missed!

Cosmetic Crave is a Beauty blog written by a lovely girl called Hannah, Cosmetic Crave is also a new beauty blog I've been reading and loving! Her photos are really clear and bright which makes  reading her blog so much easier, even though I haven't been reading Hannah's blog long I've found that I have nearly read all of her blog posts now!

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