Thursday, 20 February 2014

Style Crush: Lucy Hale

My style crush at the moment is Lucy Hale or Aria from Pretty Little Liars!
Since watching Pretty Little Liars I have been completely obsessed with Lucy Hale's style she has such effortless style on and off set! I have even been buying clothes because they look similar to the ones she wears. I am obsessed with wearing dresses at the moment and usually in Pretty Little Liars she seems to wear a lot too so if I see her in one I know I will like I take a picture so that I can find one similar online.
In Pretty Little Liars her outfits are just thrown together and she looks amazing I honestly wish I could just own her whole wardrobe well both wardrobes actually!
I can't wait to buy the new series of Pretty Little Liars so I can go crazy over her new clothes!


  1. I love her style! She always looks amazing in PLL! xx