Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wishlist #7

I have wanted a Chanel Flap bag for ages, I was bought a Classic Flap bag in Black and Gold hardware a few years ago but decided to sell it because of my love for Mulberry, however I have fallen in love with the beige colour and I am thinking about going and buying it!
I wanted the Michael Kors bronzer as soon as it came out, I just need to be able to justify the price tag.
I have heard great things about Jo Malone Perfumes and I really want to try this one when I have run down my current perfume collection.
I am obsessed with Yankee Candles and any Limited Edition ones have my name written all over them so obviously I need this one.
I want a good contour brush and I have read a few reviews on this brush so I hope I can purchase this before it goes out of stock again.
The Tom Ford lipstick is something else I need to be able to justify however it really is a gorgeous colour and I hope to be able to add this to my collection soon!
I need a new contour kit and this one from sleek is such good value, I love sleek products so I definitely need this one too!


  1. We have an identical wishlist, it seems. Haha. THAT CHANEL <3


    1. Haha! I love writing up Wishlists! Oh I am waiting for that Chanel to come in stock at my local boutique! 12 days they think! xx