Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ebay Wishlist #1

My wishlist for Ebay is always changing because I find new things or things go out of stock so then I end up adding lots more items into my watch list, at the moment my watch list has over 40 items in there, I thought I would show you what my favourite things that are currently waiting to be purchased!
I have already ordered the Infinity Necklace now as it was high on my list!
I am wanting to buy a weeding planner in the future I just love being organised and this looks like a really good planner especially for the price.
I have wanted one of these statement necklaces for a while now I have just never ordered one but this one looks really good for the price and would look amazing with a LBD!
The Ariel iPad decal really isn't something I need more want haha, I really like Disney and Ariel is my favourite Disney character so when I saw this I just added it straight to my watch list.
The clear desk stand is like a dupe of the one I saw in Muji a while back so when I saw this one on Ebay for just of £6 and free shipping I put it straight in my watch list however I wont be buying this until I have moved out.
The double coin necklace is more of a want at the moment but I don't think i'll be buying this anytime soon now I've ordered the Infinity Necklace.
The clear lipstick holder is also something I will be ordering when I have moved out because I will be buying everything new for my Spare/Beauty/Random room haha!
Lastly I bought the Beige version of this for my holiday about 2 months ago, when I saw this Dark red wine coloured floppy hat I knew I would need this for the coming Autumn months, this will look amazing with my winter coat when I go shopping or for days out!

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