Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Holiday 2014 in the UK

Today's post is about my recent Holiday in the UK, this is a very different post for me because I don't usually write posts up that include full photos of myself the only photos you see of me are small ones on my Weekly posts or even smaller ones when I do swatches! 
This year me and my Boyfriend and our two close friends decided we wanted to go on Holiday but with all four of us moving into our own houses by the end of the year and having to pay a mortgage and bills we didn't want to spend too much money but still being able to get away for a bit, we decided we would stay in the UK something I had never done before, I looked online on a few websites and found a few cottages around England that we could stay in, we only had a few criteria's that we wanted our cottage to meet, two bedrooms ideally both doubles, modern and a hot tub!
We met two of them fully with the Cottage we picked being Very Modern and having a Private Hot Tub however we had one double and one twin room which wasn't too much of an issue, we booked the cottage that day and stayed for a week! Personally I don't think I've been on such a fun Holiday, we had lots to do and when we didn't want to go out and do anything we could just stay at the Cottage and Chill in the Hot Tub while the boys played football (we had a garden and play area to ourselves) and did the BBQ.
We did plenty around the Cottage during the week and went out a few nights to Bars and Clubs, we all had lot's of fun and needless to say when we all got home from the week away we were severely unhappy about having to come home and resume our normal lives. 
Were lucky we have the photos to relive the memories and hopefully we can plan something for next year.

Without these last two photos being too revealing I wanted to show you how pretty my bikini top was from River Island I wore this quite a lot while we was away and I picked it up just before we went it reminded me of the Triangl bikinis people are buying!
As you can see from the few photos above we had lots of fun and we took a lot of photos to keep on reliving the memories as a first holiday together as a group of friends, its crazy to think that we only started talking properly and going out in January this year! I wouldn't change any of them for the world!

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