100 Things I Want To Do By The End Of 2016

This is a list of 100 Things I would like to complete by the End of 2016


1. Finish my University Degree
2. Buy my first House with Martin
3. Finish buying house items for when we do move
4. Have 1000 Bloglovin Followers
5. Loose 4 Stone
6. Save £500
7. Teach Martin how to Ski
8. Book a Skiing holiday for me and Martin
9. Buy a Mulberry Lily 
10. Have two Dachshunds
11. Go to a Blogger Meetup
12. Go to the Milton Keynes Snow Slopes
13. Be more confident
14. Learn a new skill at work
15. Buy a new car
16. Go out for Walks more
17. Try new Perfumes
18. Fill up my Pandora Bracelet
19. Drop 3 dress sizes
20. Try new foods
21. Stick to the 5.2 Diet
22. Go on holiday in the UK
23. Go away for the weekend just me and Martin
24. Drive more (I leave it down to Martin)
25. Teach my Niece (4) it's not right no matter how much I tell her it is to call her Teacher 'Rat'
26. Keep up with Acrylic Nails so they don't ping off
27. Stop wearing dresses EVERY day
28. Do something with my hair
29. Go on a Spending Ban for a month!
30. Stop having so many takeaways
31. Get rid of some clothing!
32. Try new shoes
33. Try more Drinks (Pure Orange, Lemonade and water is about exciting as it gets!)
34. Buy my own Alex Drawers for our house
35. Buy the Malm Dresser for our house
36. Persuade my Mum to let me take the dog (titch) with us when we move out
37. Buy my own first weekly shop
38. Sell at a carboot sale
39. Try a new Foundation
40. Get through 50% of my Victoria's Secret Perfume
41. Get over my phobia of Socks! (I know!)
42. Try not to scream and cry so much when I see a Moth
43. See Jimmy Carr Live
44. See Derren Brown Live 
45. Go to Scotland
46. Go to Bicester 5 times
47. Try not to Swear for a whole day
48. Make friends with someone over Twitter!
49. Try not to compare myself over everyone else!
50. Go out for a Picnic
51. Go to France Skiing
53. Get back in touch with my Dad
54. See my Great Grandad on his 100th Birthday
55. Watch more films
56. Try not to live on Chinese
57. Be nicer
58. Buy the Iphone 5s in White
59. Have my own phone Contract
60. Read more Books
61. Get a diary
62. Write more down in my Note Book
63. Wear my Vivienne Westwood Shoes out
64. Go out to different places
65. Take more pictures
66. Take the dog out more
67. Turn my phone off for the day
68. Use no technology for the day
69. Get a tattoo
70. Plant some flowers in my own garden
71. Plant some strawberries in my own garden
72. Have a dinner party when we have our own house
73. Have more lazy Sunday's
74. Watch more YouTube Videos
75. Keep up to date with the Music Charts
76. Listen to more Radio 1
77. Get Martin to sing my Duet's with me in the car
78. Follow more people on Bloglovin
79. Hold an International Beauty Giveaway on my Blog
80. Try to #FF every Friday
81. Buy a Hard case for my Ipad
82. Do an everyday Makeup post
83. Wear more Jewellery (I own lots)
84. Try to understand the concept of Tracksuit Bottoms
85. Buy a dress 3 sizes too small and aim to fit in it
86. Shop at Missguided
87. Buy some Kitchen Items
88. Buy Pretty Little Liars Series 2
89. Watch more TV Series
90. Go to a new Country
91. Be a Penguin Keeper for the Day (I have been bought this!)
92. Buy something from the Michael Kors Makeup Collection
93. Make use of my Debenhams Beauty Card
94. Go through my Makeup and throw stuff away
95. Start using Fake Tan again
96. Buy some new Hair Extensions
97. Own a tartan dress
98. Let people Advertise on my Blog
99. Change Header and Blog design
100. If we are settled by the end of 2016 Try for a Baby!

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